Ep. 21 | I is for Your Ideal Client: The Strategy and Messaging Behind Attracting Clients to Your Brand

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Ep. 21 | I is for Your Ideal Client: The Strategy and Messaging Behind Attracting Clients to Your Brand

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If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of the concept of an ideal client or an ideal client avatar. But how do you actually use your ideal client to grow your business? In this episode of Aesthetically Speaking, we dive deep into the topic of ideal clients and how to elevate them to attract higher clientele and raise your prices.

What is an ideal client?

An ideal client is a description or definition of the people you market to. It goes beyond just demographics and psychographics - it's about understanding your clients on a deeper level and resonating with them authentically. The benefit of having an ideal client is that the more specific you are, the better you can speak to them and meet their needs.

Understanding Your Ideal Client

Let's take a look at two examples of how some entrepreneurs have successfully elevated their ideal clients. Sara Brewer, a coach specializing in helping men with pornography addiction, realized that her ideal clients weren't necessarily those with severe addiction issues. Instead, her ideal clients were those who occasionally used porn but felt immense guilt and shame about it. By addressing the shame and guilt these individuals felt rather than solely focusing on the problem of pornography, Sara was able to resonate with her ideal clients on a deeper level.

Another example is Kolette Hall, who targets clients who are not necessarily struggling in their business or personal life but are unable to find true happiness despite having a successful life. By addressing the underlying issues of stress and dissatisfaction with their lives, Kolette was able to attract ideal clients who resonated with her message and were willing to invest in her services.

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Your ideal client is the person you would most like to work with. They are the ones most likely to achieve the best results from your products or services. They are ready, able, and willing to buy from you.

To identify your ideal client, consider these questions:

  • Who have you worked with in the past?
  • What do they value most?

In my own business, my ideal clients aren't tied to a specific industry. What makes them unique is that they feel a calling to their business, they are deep thinkers, and they have high standards and expectations, often seeking high-ticket services. To connect with them effectively, I address them not as moms, but as business owners. Their role as mothers only becomes relevant if it influences the way I design my products.

Elevating Your Ideal Client

To truly elevate your ideal clients, it's crucial to understand their problems on a deeper level. For example, a baby sleep consultant named Shanna discovered that her ideal clients, moms who want their babies to sleep better, dread nighttime, feel overstimulated, and highly value alone time. Shanna's approach to addressing their needs involves creating a quiet, aesthetically pleasing nighttime routine that allows for connection with the baby and provides the much-needed alone time that her ideal clients crave.

Where to Find Your Ideal Client

Finding your ideal client isn't about searching for them - it's about creating them. Branding plays a significant role in making your work compelling to your ideal clients. By shining your own light and communicating with them in a way that resonates, you can teach your ideal clients what to buy from you and how to buy it.

In conclusion, elevating your ideal client is the key to growing your business. By understanding their specific problems, addressing their unique desires, and creating an elevated and aspirational experience, you can attract higher-quality clients and raise your prices. So, don't just find your ideal clients - create them through authentic branding and communication. Your business will thank you for it.  

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