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All-Inclusive Strategy + Design Support

For coaches + consultants who want to exude sophistication and alignment with every new offer and brand touchpoint they create.

You know how to sign clients, create offers, and make money.

But you've got big dreams and you need a BRAND that can deliver the results you want.

From figuring out the right aesthetic for your Instagram posts to creating distinct brands for all your brilliant offers — building a successful brand requires high-level strategic and design support.

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You don't need a designer. You need a Creative Director.


You need a creative partner who understands your vision and can help you make strategic decisions, manage projects from start to finish, and keep your brand on track with iconic designs custom-made for your business.

This Creative Partnership could be the solution you’ve been wishing for, especially if you…

  • LOVE creating new offers/new ways to serve your audience but don’t always know how to create something that matches beautifully with your brand but stands out on its own, too.
  • Find yourself looking at what other coaches or consultants have done for branding THEIR programs rather than creating something that’s truly aligned with your personal values and desires.
  • Notice you’re spending time you can’t get back on branding and design when you should be focused on high-level conversations, relationship building, and marketing the heck out of your business.
  • Want your brand to stand out as uniquely YOURS with the strategy, messaging, and design that's right for your business.
Step 1

Each quarter we’ll meet together to discuss your creative vision, determine your goals, set priorities, and create a schedule for upcoming offers and launches.

Step 2

Your brand materials and design assets will be created for you and delivered to a shared Google drive on the same day each week.

Step 3

I’ll provide daily consulting and strategic support through Email/Slack so we can brainstorm ideas and make powerful decisions together.

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With this VIP service, you will...

  • Produce captivating offers whenever inspiration strikes, with branding and sales materials handled for you by an industry-leading designer & brand strategist.
  • Keep your marketing channels up to date as your business changes (your ideal clients evolve, you create new offers, change your messaging, grow your team, etc).
  • Be easily and quickly discovered by clients who are searching for the services you offer, are 100% aligned with your values, and are ready and eager to pay.
  • Sign new clients and make more sales EXPONENTIALLY faster because you’re not doing everything by yourself.
  • Have all-inclusive support from someone who's as obsessed with your brand as you are (and has the skills to create designs that will get you the results you want)!

Let's work together

What makes me the right creative partner for you?

I’m an experienced and highly-skilled brand strategist.

There are strategic decisions you have to make about your brand as it grows. As an industry-leading brand expert, I can help you make powerful decisions that allows your branding to be cohesive and consistent as your business expands to new audiences, new types of services and support, and new pricing levels. 

I'm aesthetically brilliant.

When creating branding, sales pages, or social media graphics for your offers, I will consider the overall messaging, design, and vibe of your brand - so instead of new offers looking just “okay,” they are downright SHOW STOPPING.

I’m extremely organized and communicative.

Simply put, you want a creative partner who is available when you need them to brainstorm ideas, provide strategic questions and feedback, and design on-brand marketing materials quickly. I ONLY offer white-glove experiences, which means you are always a priority.

Nothing is off-limits.

We work together to tackle any and all of your strategy + design needs, including:

Planning, organizing, and styling photoshoots
Designing branding, sales pages, and social media graphics for new offers/programs
Creating funnels (freebies, sales, + checkout pages)
Designing print and packaging materials
Refining client experience materials such as lead magnets, onboarding forms, workbooks, and testimonial pages
Researching and positioning new offers including naming, pricing, and messaging


My streamlined process is designed to make your life easier. Say goodbye to multiple contracts and invoices for individual projects and hello to one flat fee at the end of each month. Hours unused at the termination of the retainer are forfeited. Hours completed in excess of the retainer amount are billed at the retainer rate. 

Basic Partnership


6 or 12-Month Commitment

  • 10 hours per month (2.5 hrs/week)
  • Priority service in projects
  • Weekly check-ins

Executive Partnership


6 or 12-Month Commitment

  • 18 hours per month (4 hrs/week)
  • 2 hours rollover per month
  • Priority service in projects
  • Weekly check-ins

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