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About Rebecca Peterson Studio

A full-service design studio bringing brands to life through strategy and artful design.

Our Philosophy

Strong brands don’t just happen.

They’re dreamed, designed, and developed by visionary entrepreneurs who want more than just a nice logo. Our clients want to inspire action, start a movement, and change the world (which you know sounds totally crazy but you actually believe you can, and we do, too)!

Our signature process will give you a visual identity that reflects your unique personality and values, resonates deeply with your ideal clients, and positions you as an authority in the marketplace for years to come.

Here’s what we know about you:

  • You’re stylish, creative, and bold. You care about how things look and feel—for yourself and everyone who interacts with your brand including clients, employees, and partners.
  • You’re a smart, seasoned coach or consultant who gives 110% to your clients and expects the same from your creative partner + designer.
  • You’re committed to your business (this is no side hustle for you!) and you want your brand to reflect the level of professionalism and revenue you’re working towards.

Here’s what you should know about us:

  • We’re aesthetically brilliant. With a background in advertising and design, we offer a deep understanding of visual perception and a strategic process that’s personal and powerful.
  • We’re an industry-leading creative studio with a roster of 100+ satisfied clients. We take on a limited number of clients each quarter to maximize the transformation we provide, and we hope you’re one of them!
  • We’re professional, organized, and committed to your success. The designs we create are not just beautiful visuals but a true reflection of your unique purpose and potential online.


Client Case Studies

See a complete behind-the-scenes of creative projects for different industries and witness the transformation we deliver through strategic branding and website design.


"Rebecca helped me see my business in a new light. She helped me discover and articulate my vibe: High-end, yet approachable. Because of that, I've been able to reach $10k months with ease."

Brooklyn Jolley
Life + Business Coach for Coaches + Course Creators

Meet the CEO

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

I'm the brand strategist and designer behind Rebecca Peterson Studio. What started as a one-woman show has become a full-service design studio for coaches and consultants on the path to 7 figures in annual revenue.

I create artful brands by discovering the perfect words to explain your business and creating an aesthetic that aligns with that narrative. I have a gift for seeing the deeper value and meaning in the products, programs, and services you offer and developing a visual identity that matches and elevates that value.

Let's work together!

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How It Works

Our Signature Process

We’ll define your brand's unique strategy + position, establish your authority through a luxury brand design, and deliver a high-performing website that turns followers into paying clients.

Are you ready for a Rebecca Peterson Studio brand?


  1. Do you have a strong vision for your business and a bold message to share with the world?
  2. Do you have a solid business structure and clear client deliverable(s)?
  3. Do you have an ideal client you’re ready to attract with a unique brand strategy and distinct visual identity?
  4. Do you want to elevate the perception of your business with a custom brand + website?

If you’ve outgrown your current brand and you’re ready to enter the next phase of your business journey, let’s get started!

Our Promise

We know you want a creative partner who will provide professional guidance, reliable communication, and exceptional results. We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence and integrity and always strive for total client satisfaction.

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