Ep. 9 | Branding Challenge for Cob: A Process-Driven Technology Consultant

branding challenge podcast Jun 20, 2023
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Ep. 9 | Branding Challenge for Cob: A Process-Driven Technology Consultant

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Rebecca and Abby discuss how to create a personal brand that reflects one's values and personality while differentiating oneself from colleagues using Rebecca’s husband, Cob. 

They explain how personal branding can help establish a reputation, even in a corporate setting, and explore examples such as Steve Jobs and Apple, and Elon Musk and Tesla, to illustrate the connection between personal and business branding.

Abby also discusses her revelation during a weekend game of Dungeons and Dragons, asking Rebecca – what if this game had been pitched differently? What if it had been presented as an improv game or a creative writing exercise instead of the nerdy, rule-obsessed game it's known as? It had Abby thinking about the power of branding. 

Rebecca discussed how brands like McDonald's, Walmart, and Sam's Club could be transformed with a simple change in branding, attracting different audiences. 

This conversation explores the world of personal branding, which makes you realize that a brand's image can have a powerful impact on how it's perceived, even if the core product remains the same.


In this episode Rebecca & Abby share:

  • Coming up with a personal brand for Rebecca’s husband he can use today
  • The ways in which a CEO has a personal brand within their company
  • How values play a huge role in branding and the way products are sold
  • The way changing one thing in a brand can change the impact on how it’s perceived


Take a look at the branding from this episode:




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On this show we’ll discuss the strategies that make brands of all sizes massively successful. I’m Rebecca, a brand strategist and designer and my sister, Abby is a lawyer with no design experience, here as my co-host! 

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Every TUESDAY, we’ll discuss a unique branding challenge and analyze different aspects of creating a unique and high-value brand for YOUR business.

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