Ep. 29 | Masculine vs Feminine Design -- What to Use and When

podcast Nov 14, 2023
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Ep. 29 | Masculine vs Feminine Design -- What to Use and When

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In this week’s episode of Aesthetically Speaking, Abby and I dive deep into the world of design and branding, exploring the concepts of masculine vs feminine design. We discuss how these notions impact our perceptions of brands and how companies strategically use design to target specific audiences. 

The Power of Brand Identity

We want to highlight the importance of brand identity and how it plays a significant role in attracting specific target audiences. We discuss how gender-neutral designs can have broad appeal, but emphasizing a specific masculine or feminine brand identity can also lead to successful outcomes, particularly for client-based businesses. 

Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Branding

There is a perpetuation of gender stereotypes in advertising and media. However, the ongoing trends and changes in representation are happening in the industry. Abby and I both share our experiences of witnessing shifts in stereotypes and the emergence of individualized brands targeting specific demographics. 

Feminine Brands: Focusing on Experience and Aesthetics

We both explore examples of feminine brands that resonate with our target audience. Chanel's feminine branding shows how design and branding choices can convey femininity, even in companies that are not exclusively women-led. Lyft is also highlighted for adopting a more feminine approach in response to the issues faced by its competitor, Uber. 

Masculine Brands: Rugged, Harsh, and Practical

We also analyze branding strategies that appeal to a more masculine audience. We discuss the design elements of brands like Mountain Dew, which utilize angular shapes and harsh aesthetics associated with extreme sports and high energy. As opposed to designs with more feminine brands that prioritize aesthetics and the consumer's experience. 

Gender-Neutral Designs and the Importance of Inclusivity

There is also an importance of gender-neutral designs and inclusivity in marketing. Is it okay to lean towards one gender in branding? I give my honest opinion and stress the significance of considering gender neutrality when targeting both men and women. 

Childhood Experiences and Breaking Gender Barriers

Abby and I share our childhood memories, reflecting on our early recognition of gendered toys and activities. WE discuss how our experiences with action figures and toys shaped our perceptions of traditional gender roles. We also delve into the impact of cultural influences, like Disney princesses, on gender expectations during our formative years. 

During this episode, we explored the fascinating world of branding through a lens of masculinity and femininity. From analyzing brands with overt gender associations to discussing the importance of inclusivity in advertising, we shed light on the intricate balance between targeted marketing and breaking gender barriers.


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