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For coaches + consultants who want their brand to be pretty AND professional! 


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Are you ready to use YOUR unique values, personality, and perspective to build a brand with a signature message and recognizable aesthetic?

You know you need to establish a solid brand identity, message, and design, but you really need someone to tell you WHAT to do and HOW to do it (and a few expertly crafted templates wouldn't hurt either, right)?!


If you’re like most of entrepreneurs I work with…


You’re a genuinely exceptional coach, but you don’t know how to communicate the value of your work so you just keep offering “complimentary coaching” or lowering the price on your private packages in the hopes that it will somehow turn into a paying client.


You know deep down that being more specific in your marketing would help you increase your sales, but you don’t know how to streamline and clarify your message without completely eliminating your personality or putting yourself in a boring little box.

You totally want (and need) a brand that’s professional, organized, and well-designed, but branding is not your area of expertise, everything you create on Canva feels amateur, and it doesn’t make financial sense for you to invest in a custom branding package yet.

Brand in a Day makes it easy to create a strong personal brand

Especially if you...

  • Find it difficult to explain what you do in a way that’s compelling to your ideal clients
  • Haven’t quite figured out how to turn your unique genius into one clear, cohesive message
  • Aren’t signing clients at your current prices (even though people tell you all the time how amazing you are)
  • Know that you need a more professional brand image, but you’re not a designer and you want something that’s authentic to you!
  • Want to know how to actually use your brand to make more money with less effort and stress

I created this program because after building 100+ brands for clients in all industries and niches, I know exactly what YOUR brand needs to succeed.


It’s not just about your logo or your color palettes, it’s about your IDENTITY. Creating a strong brand requires you to think differently about yourself, cultivate the right voice, and use designs that are aligned with your strategy. 

With my help, you can make the subtle (but very significant) shifts to your brand FOUNDATION, MESSAGING, AESTHETICS, and APPLICATION so you can have total confidence in your skills as a coach and total confidence in the way you’re presenting yourself online.

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Want to see exactly what you get in Brand in a Day?

Take a look at every training inside the course👇🏼



“I wanted to say thank you—Brand in a Day is phenomenal. I have tried so many different ways to learn about branding and this has BY FAR been the most clear, organized, and straightforward, but also the most thorough resource I’ve found and I absolutely love it. You’re amazing! Thank you so much for such an incredible resource.”

—Katie Thackeray


“I’ve been using Brand in a Day to revamp my business and I just have to say that this program is AMAZING and you are a genius. That is all. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us.”

—Josie Johnson


"I signed up for Brand in a Day because I love everything you do hahaha! I knew this program would be so valuable. I was definitely interested in the brand kits because I am so indecisive on my brand and couldn't put colors together to save my freakin life. Having a beautiful brand that felt like ME helped me feel more confident showing up on social media, sharing my website, and raising my prices. I've been able to charge more and work with DREAMY clients because my brand attracts the right people for me!

—Brooklyn Jolley


Brand in a Day Online Course

What's Included?

  • Instant access to 6 modules and 18+ video trainings on developing your brand identity, foundation, messaging, and design. ($1997 value)
  • A downloadable Brand in a Day workbook to follow the prompts in all of the trainings and document your brand strategy. ($197 value)
  • 60-minute behind-the-scenes brand design video. Watch me take a REAL business through the process of creating a professional logo, color palette, and more! ($497 value)
  • 10 unique brand kits complete with logos, color palettes, font pairings, and social media templates to jumpstart your branding journey and make designing a cohesive brand completely effortless. ($897 value)

Bonus: Brand Your Instagram
30-minute video training to help you use Instagram as part of your brand to establish a consistent presence on your feed, stories, and reels so you can increase your reach. ($97 value)

Bonus: Your Six-Figure Mindset
Audio training + downloadable checklist of daily actions designed to help you think like a six-figure business owner and make that mindset permanent! ($97 value)


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About Me

Hi, I’m Rebecca. 👋

Brand in a Day isn’t just a course. It's a radically empowering experience to help you better understand yourself and your business so you can confidently explain what you do through beautiful, cohesive messaging and design!

As a professional brand strategist + designer, I KNOW how important your brand is. (And I know how overwhelming it is to try and figure it out on your own!)

Brand in a Day is a step-by-step guide through my proprietary process of discovering your own identity, defining your personality and point of view and infusing all of that into your business.

This program works—even if you're extremely multi-passionate. Even if you don’t know the first thing about designing a logo or choosing a color palette. Even if your business is brand spankin’ new.

This is an opportunity for you to say YES to the potential of a successful brand.

Let’s do it together!


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Are you ready to stop HIDING behind your brand and let your business SHINE?

If you're willing take your business seriously, step into a new identity as CEO, and dream bigger than you ever have before, I'll show you EXACTLY what to say, HOW to say it, and TOGETHER we'll make it look professional AF!

I've had students enroll in the course, customize the designs, and announce their new brand on Instagram within 24 hours of signing up. It's a highly concentrated, high-value program designed to give you the brand you need for the business you want! 


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Oh, Did I Mention the 10 Premade Brand Kits Included in Brand in a Day??

These designs were created exclusively for the program and can't be found ANYWHERE else!


What's Included in the Brand Kit(s)?

Brand Elements

  • Unique primary logo
  • Alternate logo and variations
  • Color palette
  • Font recommendations and pairings
  • Brand patterns

Marketing Templates

  • 12 unique IG templates
  • Profile pictures and highlight covers
  • 3-page workbook and/or freebie template
  • Digital planner page
  • New! Business card design
Each kit includes detailed instructions for customizing and exporting the assets so you can launch your new brand right away.
A Canva PRO account is required to edit the brand kits.
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Brand in a Day will give you the tools to create a unique brand message and aesthetic that brings you more alignment, recognition, and profits.

Get started for just


x 6 monthly payments


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Pay in full and save $100




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Module 1: Unlocking Your Confidence as CEO of YOUR Brand

This module is all about helping you step into a six-figure mindset so you can confidently attract the kind of clients you've only dreamed of! I'll give you step-by-step instructions for establishing the goals, purpose, and vision for your brand. 

You’ll learn:

  • What a brand IS and ISN’T and why you haven’t been successful in creating your own brand (yet)!
  • What your role is as the brand owner of your business and how to expand your vision for your brand
  • Why we love brands with personality — and how to put YOUR personality into YOUR brand


Module 2: Mastering Your Six-Figure Brand Strategy

In this module, you'll develop the STRATEGY behind your brand so your whole business oozes with your expert perspective and unique personality.

You'll Learn:

  • How to explain exactly WHAT you do, HOW you do it, and WHY it matters
  • What makes a great mission statement — and how to write one for your business
  • How to create brand values that light you up and guide your business decisions


Module 3: Crafting Your JUICIEST Brand Message

This module is my favorite because it's all about application! I'll help you figure out what you want to say and how to say it for YOUR brand in a way that's easy and authentic to you.

 You'll Learn:

  • What makes a brand voice recognizable and unique
  • What words you should use (and what ones you want to avoid) in your messaging
  • How to talk about your offers in a way that’s authentic AND attractive to your ideal clients


Module 4: Making it POP with Brand Design that's Aesthetic AF

The big kahuna! This module will guide you through the process of creating a brand design that's professional and full of personality.

 You'll Learn:

  • How to translate your brand vision and values to your brand design
  • My super-simple-secret for creating logos that look 10X more professional
  • The EXACT step-by-step process I take for designing brands from start to finish


Module 5: USING Your Brand to Make More Sales

In this module, I'll help you understand HOW to use your brand to maximize the success of your business, and give you some helpful tips and tricks for changing your brand as your business evolves.

 You'll Learn:

  • The #1 MOST critical key to designing a recognizable brand
  • My rule for using your brand consistently (WITHOUT getting bored!)
  • How to use your brand to make more money in your business


It's Time...

Leverage YOUR unique voice and values with a professional brand that will attract YOUR ideal clients!

With Brand in a Day, you'll have a step-by-step guide for creating a successful, stand-out brand this year!

Get started for just


x 6 monthly payments



Pay in full and save $100