Ep. 50 | Behind the Brand: Consciously Creating a Well-Known Coaching Business with Amber Smith

podcast Apr 16, 2024
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Ep. 50 | Behind the Brand: Consciously Creating a Well-Known Coaching Business with Amber Smith

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Navigating the crowded landscape of the coaching industry can be challenging. It requires more than just expertise and passion—establishing a powerful personal brand is crucial for standing out. Today on Aesthetically Speaking, I welcomed Amber Smith, a well-known name in the coaching business, especially for ambitious moms and entrepreneurs. Amber didn’t just build a business; she sculpted a brand that represents integrity, value, and growth. 

From Therapist to Coaching

Amber's journey didn't start with a clear roadmap for coaching. Initially aimed at becoming a therapist, her career took an inspired turn when she discovered her calling in life coaching. Amber’s natural progression into coaching other moms and entrepreneurs was not just a career choice—it was a personal evolution. When she launched her course, ProCoach, her business started to flourish, leading to a fully booked client roster and an impressive six-figure year. But as her business outgrew her original branding, Amber felt she needed a brand that would grow with her.

Embracing Growth

Amber knew she needed to elevate her brand to mirror her business's evolution and turned to me for a fresh branding strategy. My approach wasn't merely about aesthetics—it was about branding through who I knew Amber could become. Amber lets us in on how the branding process became an internal coaching session that aligned her business aspirations with her future self. The result? A brand symbolized by a memorable logo that resonates with Amber’s identity and goals.

More Than Just a Logo

During our conversation, I wanted to stress the significance of a brand that’s recognizable and infused with meaning. Basically how people often mirror those closest to them, like pets or partners. It’s about developing a visual language that speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for, without saying a word.

The Journey from Obscurity to Recognition

Amber openly shared her initial fears about investing in branding that might not align with her future self. I was quick to reassure her that branding is a dynamic process, meant to grow and adapt with your business. Amber’s newfound branding appealed not only to her but also to her clients, helping her make the transition from a best-kept secret of the coaching world to a celebrated and successful figure.

Investment That Pays Off

Throughout the episode, Amber repeatedly emphasized the importance of investing in the right places. Just like finding the right coach, the right investment can catapult your business to new heights. For Amber, coming to me for branding expertise was just that—an investment that deeply understood her vision and gave her confidence in her brand.

A Reflection of Values and Vision

When you think of strong brands, it’s not just their visual appeal that hooks you, but the story and values they convey. Amber shared how her branding was not merely a superficial makeover—it was a comprehensive reinterpretation of her values and integrity, and her commitment to adding positive value to the world.

This conversation with Amber highlights the importance of conscious branding in a coaching business. It's more than colors and fonts—it’s about crafting an authentic image that captures your essence and communicates your unique value to the world. It’s about positioning yourself not just for the market of today, but for a future filled with limitless possibilities.


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