Ep. 49 | Behind the Brand: Finding Your True Identity as a High-Ticket Coach with Kolette Hall

podcast Apr 09, 2024
Rebecca Peterson Studio | Brand + Website Design
Ep. 49 | Behind the Brand: Finding Your True Identity as a High-Ticket Coach with Kolette Hall

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In this week’s episode, I had an amazing conversation with my friend and client, life coach Kolette Hall, discussing her experience working with me to help unveil her brand identity.

What began as a quest for personal development post the loss of her husband, manifested into a thriving coaching enterprise for high achievers. Kolette shares her initial reluctance to embrace the color choices I delivered to her, but she has now learned to love the brand's orange hue—a testament to the willingness to trust the rebranding journey. A color not just chosen for aesthetic but for its symbolic energy and balance reflecting the business's core values.

The Underlying Strengths and Foundations

Kolette, formerly perceived as a grief or relationship coach, discovered her genuine calling lay within the realm of time management—or, more precisely, mind management over time. Her transformative tagline, 'manage your mind, reclaim your time,' embraces this philosophy. I wanted to highlight the importance of simplification, revealing how Kolette dissolves complex problems into accessible solutions for her clients.

Molding an Authentic Brand

The rebranding encompasses more than visuals; it embodies soul-searching. I was able to weave Kolette's authentic attributes into her brand, resonating with an audience that extends beyond visual appeal. Her monogram, revealing personal significance, anchors her unique visual identity.

Embracing Change, Targeting Growth

Through insightful discussion, Kolette discovered the power of focused clientele targeting. This resulted in a pivotal shift from mainly female clients to acknowledging her preference for also coaching men…which is the reason I brought the orange into the color palette. 

Potential Ventures

During this episode, Kolette and I were able to brainstorm possibilities of innovative projects—ranging from accessible introductory offerings to premium, impactful experiences. I value Kolette's capacity to revolutionize beliefs within a single interaction, calling attention to a more profound level of service delivery.

The Art of Branding as Personal Evolution

Kolette and I will continue our strategic partnership to find the next best offer for her. This episode not only decodes the essence of the rebranding journey but also exemplifies how it can catalyze growth in all facets of life.


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