Ep. 22 | J is for My Journey: How I Became an Industry-Leading Brand Strategist and Creative Director

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Ep. 22 | J is for My Journey: How I Became an Industry-Leading Brand Strategist and Creative Director

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When people ask me about my childhood, two things come to mind: I'm one of seven siblings, and my habit for rearranging my bedroom was unforgettable. I don’t think EVERYTHING in my childhood is relevant to my journey as an entrepreneur, but these two things certainly highlight some key parts of my personality. 

These seemingly unrelated facets of my upbringing have, in fact, played a significant role in shaping my journey as an entrepreneur. In this blog post, I'll delve into how my background and education, alongside my natural traits and experiences, have become the cornerstones of my career as a brand strategist and designer.

Discovering My Identity

From a young age, I had a clear sense of who I was. I exuded natural confidence and optimism, traits that have served me well in the entrepreneurial world. I've always cherished relationships, gravitating towards deep and meaningful conversations. 

As a child, I was good at listening and could comfortably navigate social settings. I also had a strong aesthetic sense, believing that beauty and order were intertwined. To me, an organized space was a thing of beauty. I spent significant time as a child cleaning, organizing, decorating and rearranging my bedroom (so much so that my parents used to put a limit on the number of times I could move the furniture). I even have a journal entry where I wrote, “3 days until I can rearrange my room again!”

Education and Early Experiences

My journey as a designer began during my college years when I took on a role as a design assistant for the theater and film department. Despite lacking formal design training, I embraced the opportunity with an unwavering "I can figure this out" attitude. I scoured Pinterest for design inspiration, immersing myself in the craft. This role led me to a series of design-related positions, from an SEO agency to DishTV, followed by an unexpected stint at a dental lab and a fulfilling experience at a non-profit organization, all while welcoming my first child.

Freelancing Emergence in 2019

The year 2019 marked a significant turning point as I ventured into freelancing. Armed with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, I offered my assistance to anyone in need on Instagram. At this stage, I was still discovering my true path and didn't possess a comprehensive understanding of the design industry.

The Website Glow-Up

In my early freelancing days, I charged a modest $250 for complete website designs. My motivation was twofold: to gain experience and to accumulate social proof. My rationale was that by starting with lower prices, I could easily sign clients and gradually increase my rates. These projects often demanded 100 hours of work and provided me with an opportunity to consult with clients to understand their identities and desires. However, I soon realized the need to elevate my services.

Discovering the Power of Branding

It became apparent that branding was the missing piece for many clients who desired exceptional websites but lacked a solid brand identity. This realization led to a pivotal shift in my approach. I started offering brand design services, which was an improvement but lacked the strategic edge I was seeking.

My journey into brand strategy began when I grasped the importance of thinking about a brand holistically and strategically. As Steve Jobs famously said, "Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works." This philosophy propelled me to delve deeper into brand strategy, taking a course by CarliAnna and refining my own branding framework.

My Branding Framework

I developed a comprehensive branding framework that I like to think of like a pyramid, or even an iceberg,  with each layer building upon the one before it. The layers include:

  • Audience: Understanding and connecting with your ideal client on a profound level.
  • Value & Meaning: Defining the "why" behind your work and its significance.
  • Messaging (Voice): Crafting a unique language and tone to resonate with your audience.
  • Visual Identity: Creating a consistent and visually appealing brand aesthetic.
  • Discoverability & Recognition: Ensuring brand consistency across all touch points.
  • Demand: Organizing your offers to cater to your diverse audience.

The Future of Rebecca Peterson Studio

I’m excited for the next phase of growth because I want to create more impact, more high-level, high-value brands, and more income for me and my clients. As my studio grows, I want to focus more on the strategy and creative direction and design for my brands and rely on other experts for things like copywriting and coding and development.

My clients are typically seasoned, successful business owners on the path to multi-6 and seven figures (and beyond) in annual revenue. They see their work as creative and meaningful and artistic (even if what they’re doing is very technical or logical). They bring me big ideas and I make them happen.

The truth is that growing a business requires making good decisions. Making decisions that align with your values and personality and your core desires as a CEO. Figuring that out is figuring out your brand.

I work closely with my clients to build their brand from start to finish through the audience, meaning, messaging, visual, and discoverability and demand framework I explained earlier. Sometimes that looks like creating the actual assets for your brand (developing a strategy, writing mission statements and messaging, designing logos and color palettes and coordinating photoshoots), and other times I provide strategic consulting and my clients execute the creative on their own.

My goal is to serve my clients at the highest level with brands and websites that are professional, trustworthy, and profitable. If that sounds like something you need, let’s talk! 

My journey from childhood (rearranging my bedroom) to brand strategy and design has been a fulfilling evolution. I'm dedicated to serving my clients by crafting professional, trustworthy, and profitable brands and websites. If you resonate with this journey and believe that your brand could benefit from my expertise, let's connect. Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey!


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