Ep.12 | You’re Wrong About . . . What It Really Means to Work with Rebecca Peterson Studio

client attraction podcast Jul 11, 2023
Rebecca Peterson Studio | Brand + Website Design
Ep.12 | You’re Wrong About . . . What It Really Means to Work with Rebecca Peterson Studio

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Episode Summary

After working with over 100 clients, Rebecca has realized that they are all worried about the same things when it comes to branding. In this solo episode, she discusses five fears most business owners have about building a brand. 

Rebecca shares her unique approach to branding and how she helps her clients create a brand that truly reflects their personality and values while strategically elevating their ideal customer. Her thorough brand building process, which involves private consulting and education, is designed to provide clients with the tools and guidance they need to create and expand their brand.


In this episode Rebecca & Abby share:

  • Creating a cohesive brand image requires careful strategy and design choices that can help position a business as a go-to expert in its niche.
  • Investing in branding early on in a business can be beneficial.
  • Developing a strong brand message involves listening to clients, identifying common themes and patterns, and crafting messaging that conveys a particular feeling or emotion.
  • There are different design options to communicate a brand's character, tone, and values, whether it's a more classic or playful look.
  • Styling and creative direction can convey personality and values both in-office and on-camera.  



Welcome to Aesthetically Speaking: The podcast for all things branding, design, and aesthetics for women in business.

On this show we’ll discuss the strategies that make brands of all sizes massively successful. I’m Rebecca, a brand strategist and designer and my sister, Abby is a lawyer with no design experience, here as my co-host! 

Have you ever wondered how to create a brand so cohesive people can recognize it a mile away, no matter where they see it? Do you ever struggle to capture the attention of your ideal client and KEEP it with a compelling brand and message? Are you ready to stand out as a unique and valuable service provider regardless of how “saturated” the market is? Aesthetically Speaking is for you!

We believe that your brand is the most valuable asset in your business and should be your greatest investment. As moms and entrepreneurs, we know how to use branding to put your business in front of the RIGHT people, get them EXCITED about your offer, and help your brand BLOW UP online, so you can make more impact *and* more money.

Every TUESDAY, we’ll discuss a unique branding challenge and analyze different aspects of creating a unique and high-value brand for YOUR business.