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Courtney wanted to rebrand her business to reflect both a professional and personable approach to her coaching and advocacy work. She had recently separated from another IEP associate and wanted to differentiate herself within the industry. Courtney engaged Rebecca Peterson Studio to provide a brand and website that would resonate with parents, caregivers, and special needs professionals as well as media outlets and legal representatives.


We developed a complete brand strategy and a comprehensive plan for using the brand in marketing materials including an ideal client profile, competitive analysis, brand personality, and messaging guide. The brand strategy was translated into a complete brand design (logo design, colors, typography, patterns, and icons) and a complete website was built on Kajabi, with on-page SEO and copywriting provided by team conversion copywriter.

Brand Strategy + Brand Design

Rebecca Peterson Studio identified Courtney’s ideal client as women (ages 30-45 years old) with an elementary-age special needs child, especially those with medically-complex diagnoses including non-verbal and wheelchair-bound children. We wanted to position Courtney as an expert resource and symbol of hope, leadership, and tenacity for the special needs community. By working together to understand the unique challenges of Courtney’s ideal client, we created a specific client journey that would take someone from interest to engagement, complete with a strong brand persona and clear brand messaging. Once the brand strategy was complete, we translated the vision, mission, and values into a strong visual identity (logo, color palette, font styles, etc). 


We imagine a world where special needs children have everything they need to succeed, and efforts to include special needs kids is the rule, not the exception.


We help parents of special needs children get what they need for their kids to thrive at home and at school. As a result, kids get the support they need at home and at school and parents can start dreaming big about the future.


Raising the Bar for Inclusivity


  • Compassion & Empathy: We know what it's like to be overwhelmed, frustrated, and exhausted.
  • Confidence & Authority: We have the tools and resources to help you—we know exactly what to do.
  • Joy & Determination: As a mom and a professional, I can tell you it gets better!

Design Note

The butterfly was a symbol that held great personal meaning for Courtney and one we wanted to explore for her brand. Using hand-drawn shapes, we created a striking Matisse-style butterfly icon as the primary logo to communicate the unknown and unlimited potential of children with special needs. The shape is imperfect and asymmetrical to suggest the beauty of imperfection. A handwritten script font was balanced with a strong, modern typeface to represent the personal support Courtney lends her clients as well as her expertise and understanding of current laws for special needs children. Secondary colors of green, violet, and coral helped the brand stand out from other businesses marketed to the special needs community which often use a generic primary color palette.

Brand Application

To ensure brand recognition, we designed several additional collateral items to match the stunning brand design including a set of custom social media templates and the design of her ebook “Starting Point: Finding My Footing in the Midst of My Child’s Diagnosis” We also designed the organization and layout of Courtney’s signature courses: “Parent to Parent” and “AAC and the IEP.”

Website Design & Development

The final step of our process was Courtney’s website design and development. We selected stock photography that was aligned with the Brand Strategy and Design and wrote new copy based on the updated brand messaging and following SEO best practices. Our goal was to make it easy for Courtney’s ideal clients to visit the website and know exactly which product, service, or program was right for them. We developed the custom website on Kajabi and made edits to optimize the conversion rate of the website.


  • Establish brand authority with strong messaging and easy-to-follow copywriting and storytelling.
  • Organize Courtney's offerings for parents with special needs children based on interest, need, and investment.
  • Establish a strong community based on clear brand values. 

Client Feedback

"I love what I do in my business, but I don't know how to take all my big ideas and put them into a beautiful design. Rebecca took the vision I had and magnified it. She helped me with my logo, my colors and my core identity. Now I know exactly how to reach my target audience."

—Courtney Burnett, CEO

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