How to Increase the Know-Like-Trust Factor for Your Brand

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A successful brand is determined by the loyalty of your customers and your community. Many people assume that a customer’s dedication to a brand is based solely on the way a business looks or feels. However, brand loyalty is actually about who knows, likes, and trusts your brand. These three terms are commonly referred to as the “Know-Like-Trust Factor” and they play a big role in how a customer feels about your business. Now, this isn’t something that happens overnight. Brand trust happens over time and has to be earned (and kept) by being exactly what you promise your customers you are.

Building up your Know-Like-Trust Factor will increase the overall success of your business. As an entrepreneur, you should never forget the value of a good customer and the importance of their input. Word of mouth is one of the most reliable ways to grow! So let’s chat about how you can increase the Know-Like-Trust Factor of your brand. 


The first step to increasing the Know-Like-Trust Factor for your brand is to let people KNOW that your business exists. You can’t trust someone if you don’t even know they exist. This is where your marketing is important. You don’t just want someone to know who you are, you want them to be engaged by what they see. 

Think about it like this: every time a customer clicks onto your website or sees a targeted ad for your product, they develop a first impression. What does that impression say about your brand? Is it something that will stick with them and keep them interested? Or is it utterly forgettable? 

Make sure that you consistently live up to the positive impressions you make (and want to make) by sharing your brand and your story. You never know when or where someone will see you, so you want to make sure that you shine every time.

If you’re struggling to understand how the Know Factor can change your brand, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do people know that my business exists? 
  • Do customers have a clear idea of what I do and why I do it? 
  • Do I talk about my brand story often?


Now that potential customers are aware of your business, they need to LIKE it! Liking a brand is so much more than just approving of a product/service. Two companies could sell the exact same product, but you’ll be drawn to one over the other. You may like the logo, the quality, or the story behind the company—but you like it.

That’s how you want your customers to feel about you. Customers should be able to give a positive review of your brand, your offerings, or your story. What do they like about you? Try to allow your business to resonate with your ideal client as much as possible by learning what they like about you.

If you’re struggling to understand how the Like Factor can change your brand, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do people relate to what your brand says and does? 
  • Do people connect with you through humor or vulnerability? 
  • Do people want to have a relationship with your brand? 
  • Do you have a personal relationship with your employees, vendors, and even customers?


At the end of the day, customers will return to and continue to support a business that they TRUST. Building that trust requires you, as the business owner, to be accountable. This means following through on your promises and putting the customer first. Being a trustworthy business owner can also mean being vulnerable and honest with your clients at the appropriate times. 

You establish trust with your customers when you want what’s best for them, whether that means they buy from you or not. (Remember in that old movie, Miracle on 34th street how the toy store would tell customers where to get toys if they didn’t carry it in the store?) Good branding is about building trust through EMPATHY, not manipulation.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Follow that old sales adage: “Under-promise and over-deliver.” You’ll build (and keep) trust when you give your customers exactly what you say you will.

If you’re struggling to understand how the Trust Factor can change your brand, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can your customers trust you, your products, and your promises? 
  • Do you deliver on what you can and should do? 
  • Are you allowing yourself to be vulnerable and relatable to your audience? 
  • Do customers know exactly what they can expect from you? 

Know-Like-Trust in Action

Whether you’ve been in business 10 years or 10 minutes, you’ll benefit from analyzing your Know-Life-Trust Factor. Finding ways to increase it will strengthen your relationship with your clients, build their loyalty, and soon they’ll be telling everyone how amazing you are!


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