Here’s Why You SHOULDN’T Hire Me to Create Your Brand…

behind the scenes Jan 03, 2023

The truth is, whenever I post samples of my work I tend to get a lot of inquiries. Branding is so fun and beautiful and sexy. But if you JUST want something pretty for your business, we probably shouldn’t work together.

I’m an expert at creating seven figure brand identities. That means when we work together, I’m going to dive deep with you to:

✅ Create a holistic vision for your business

✅ Craft unique messaging

✅ Design an incredible brand to match

If you’re anywhere on the path from six to seven figures, you probably know that you need a brand, but if you just want a logo and some colors (that you’ll definitely be sick of in three months), you can get that from any designer.

What I’m offering is an opportunity to BECOME the CEO you want to be. It’s strategy and creativity and design on a deeper level than anything you’ve experienced before!

I can give you a brand that will help you stop worrying about whether your products, programs, and services look as valuable as they really are. I can give you a brand that will resonate deeply with the people ALREADY IN YOUR WORLD who are ready and willing to buy from you. I can give you a brand that will elevate your self-image and reflect that to your ideal clients.

It really is that easy and it really is that powerful. Let's schedule a consultation to create the brand of YOUR dreams!

Thanks for reading!
♡♡♡ Rebecca


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