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Wave of Mind was looking to rebrand and elevate the aesthetic of their business with the goal of increasing sales through influencer marketing and corporate partnerships. In the past, they couldn’t attract the right attention and needed a comprehensive plan for positioning their business for maximium profitability. Founder and CEO Whitney King engaged Rebecca Peterson Studio to provide creative development that would take the business to the next level.


Our team developed a complete brand strategy and a long-term plan for growing the business including an ideal client profile, competitive analysis, brand personality, and messaging guide. The brand strategy was translated into a visual identity (logo design, colors, typography, and icons), product development (journals, cards, & boxes), and brand photography. Our team also designed and developed a new Shopify website, providing full website copy.



Brand Strategy + Brand Design

Rebecca Peterson Studio focused on identifying the Wave of Mind ideal client (millennial women 30-45 years old) who are struggling with anxiety and creating a brand that would resonate deeply with that group. Once the ideal client and their journey was established, we created the brand personality and messaging guide, particularly as they translate into the brand design (logo, color palette, font styles, etc) and product design. The use of visual waves worked well to communicate the natural ups and downs of mental and emotional well-being.


For all women to see, feel, and process the spectrum of emotions that make a beautiful life.


We inspire millennial women to prioritize their well-being and experience life with greater joy and fulfillment. Wave of Mind provides clinically-informed mental health resources designed to bridge the gap between self-help and therapy. As a result, our customers have the skills and support they need to take care of themselves with greater compassion.


Show Up for Your Future Self 


  • You are the person with the greatest capacity to heal YOU.
  • What you think and the way you think about it matters.
  • Everyone (especially women and especially women in marginalized communities) deserves to feel good.
  • Journaling is the most effective and accessible method for reducing anxiety and achieving emotional well-being.
  • Real self-care isn't always glamorous, but it's always worth it.
  • You are worthy of love and care no matter what mistakes you've made, challenges you've faced, or what other people tell you.

Design Note

In designing the Wave of Mind logo and brand assets, we used the name of the brand as inspiration for an ocean design motif. A lowercase serif font was customized with curves moving from left to right to suggest compassion, vulnerability, and growth. Soft, hand drawn lines were used to suggest the ebbs and flows of an individual's mental health, with the signature wave to represent the W and M of Wave of Mind. 

Website Design + Website Development

The final step of our process was Wave of Mind’s website design and development. We directed a brand photoshoot to capture photos that would sell the product effectively online and wrote new copy based on the updated brand messaging and following SEO best practices. We developed the custom website on the Shopify platform and made edits to optimize the conversion rate of the website.


  • Establish brand authority with strong messaging and stunning product photography.
  • Increase conversions with strategic adjustments to the shopping cart and checkout experience.
  • Encourage brand champions and community based on clear brand values. 

Client Feedback

"Rebecca captured the essence of Wave of Mind and elevated the perception of our journals in the eyes of both individual consumers and corporate partners. We felt supported and understood what was happening throughout the entire process. We couldn't be happier with the results!"

—Whitney King, Founder & CEO

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