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As a seasoned coach with an already successful business, Kolette Hall wanted to elevate her brand identity to match the high level results she delivered to her private clients and capture the sophistication of her coaching services. She engaged Rebecca Peterson Studio to establish a new brand and website that would help her articulate the core problems and desires of her ideal clients with integrity and beauty AND create a professional brand image for networking and collaboration opportunities.


We worked with Kolette and her team to understand the identity of her ideal client and developed a complete brand strategy and a comprehensive messaging plan including a brand tagline and one-liner for using in marketing materials. We provided in-depth analysis of the market landscape and crafted a unique client profile and customer journey. The brand strategy was translated into a distinct brand design (logo design, colors, typography, patterns, and icons) and consultation was provided for a brand photoshoot. Finally, a complete website was built on Squarespace, with on-page SEO and copywriting provided by team conversion copywriter.



Brand Strategy + Brand Design

Our work began with a collaborative workshop where we asked Kolette about her ideal clients and what she wanted her brand to convey to them. We defined her ideal clients as men and women who identified as entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders of their businesses, homes, and communities. These individuals were stressed, busy, and overwhelmed. We wanted to position Kolette Hall as a solution to what they perceived was their biggest problem, lack of time. Our goal was to help her target audience feel hopeful, and motivated but most of all, we wanted to create a brand that would transform their core beliefs and decision making abilities so they could feel calm and grounded in their decisions and abundant in their time regardless of their busy calendar.  Once the brand strategy was complete and messaging was defined, we translated the vision, mission, and values into a strong visual identity with a unique typography-based logo, color palette, custom icons, and imagery. 


To empower every ambitious leader to make decisions that align what they WANT in their life and what they're ACTUALLY creating in their life.


We inspire, teach, and coach high achieving business owners to create success in life and at work through effective self-management strategies. As a professional success coach, Kolette Hall guides ambitious leaders in their pursuit of excellence in all areas of life so they can feel confident in every decision and abundant with their time, no matter their calendar or current commitments.


Time Management is Dead. Manage Your Mind so You Can Reclaim Your Time.


  • You can create time: Time management is dead, but i can give you something better. manage your mind around your schedule and you'll create all the time you need.
  • Emotions are data: You can tap into and trust your emotions to make powerful decisions for your home, family, work, and business.
  • The generous AND: Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop a successful career AND enjoy guiltless time with their family.
  • Personal power: You can choose to change your thoughts and change your life.

Design Note

To create Kolette's brand design, we started with a color palette that was energizing and grounded at the same time, using strong blue, teal, and yellow with orange as an accent. We wanted to capture the transformation that's created when her client's manage their thoughts and begin creating more time. To create this effect we designed a monogram with synergy between the K and H, combining the crossbar of the H with the natural opening between the K. These shapes and curves were then used in a custom typeface with upper and lowercase letters for her full name. The uppercase font suggested authority, confidence, and stability while the lowercase font represented relatability and friendliness. We then used a roller paint style for textures and background to bring a warm, handcrafted touch to the design.

Brand Application

In expanding Kolette's brand, we designed a client notebook with visual graphics for each of her proprietary frameworks as well as business cards and email marketing templates. Our goal was to exude sophistication and alignment throughout every touchpoint of Kolette's work. We went on to design social media templates with designs for videos, carousels, and static posts.

Website Design & Development

The final step of our process was Kolette's website design and development. We worked together to determine how to organize the site and what content to include. Our primary goal was to increase the number of visitors who were scheduling a complimentary coaching session with Kolette, but we also wanted the website to communicate her expertise and credibility as a coach. The website designed and developed on Squarespace with basic on-page SEO.


  • Maximize Kolette's brand authority by making bold promises and using high contrast, professional imagery.
  • Streamline the website experience so visitors could develop an emotional connection with Kolette and trust her enough to schedule a consult call.
  • Create a cohesive online presence with inspiring copy and a clear, easy-to-follow path for conversions.

Client Feedback

"We love our brand so much we want to marry it! I recognize that despite 15 years of experience as a designer myself, Rebecca created something far beyond what I could have ever done or even imagined for myself. I'm incredibly impressed."

—Kolette Hall, Coach + CEO

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