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After the successful sale of her ecommerce business, Kaelynn was ready to build a brand for herself as a business coach. She wanted to expand her expertise beyond product-based businesses and focus specifically on women who "have it all" on the outside and want to "have it all" on the inside as well. Kaelynn engaged Rebecca Peterson Studio to create a personal brand that would position her as an authority in the coaching space and reflect the most authentic version of herself for years to come.


We interviewed Kaelynn to create a comprehensive brand strategy that was true to her personal values and represented the personality/perspective she provides as a business coach. We studied the current market of business coaching as well as her ideal clients and presented a unique client profile, industry-adjacent competitive analysis, and brand messaging guide. The brand strategy was translated into a complete brand design (logo design, colors, typography, patterns, and icons) and a mobile-optimized, one-page website was built on Kajabi, with on-page SEO and copywriting provided by team conversion copywriter.



Brand Strategy + Brand Design

Rebecca Peterson Studio identified Kaelynn's ideal client as women (25-40) with a successful online business who were burned out, overwhelmed, and discouraged trying to balance all the responsibilities of their home + family life with the responsibilities and opportunities for taking care of their business. We wanted to position Kaelynn as a compassionate friend and also a qualified expert to provide coaching for women to figure out the root cause of their concerns and show them a better way to grow. Through our deep, strategic process, we created a narrative for Kaelynn's brand using the metaphor of planting, nurturing, and harvesting fruit. This messaging was then applied to her visual identity with a logo and logo variations, typography selections, colors, and imagery).


To inspire all women to let go of the mental layers of self-doubt and discouragement so they can pursue big dreams while experiencing balance in their day-to-day life. 


We support women in creating their dream life by digging into their deepest desires, weeding out negative thought patterns, cultivating a mindset of abundance, and finding the beauty in every day. As a life + business coach and mom of 3, Kaelynn helps women discover the simple changes they need to live with balance between their big dreams and day-to-day responsibilities.


Life in Equipoise


  • Abundance is normal: You can have more (money, time, energy, and everything else) without doing more.
  • The only success is sustainable success: True success comes from acting in alignment with your values and desires—both in your personal and professional life.
  • You don't need permission to live your dreams: Your dreams are the secret to your success, and you don't need to apologize, explain, or justify them to anyone.
  • God is the best business partner: You owe it to yourself and to God who gave you these gifts to use them for your life, your family, and your business.

Design Note

In creating Kaelynn's brand, we wanted to continue with the narrative of planting and gardening. An abstract citrus fruit was drawn by hand and digitized to suggest vitality, energy, and the seasons of life and business. Some of the leaves/shapes were filled in to represent finding joy and satisfaction in the current moment, while others were only outlined to suggest the potential of good things to come in the future. A thin serif font was used to communicate femininity and balance, with long descenders to communicate the strength and support Kaelynn gives to her clients. The bright color palette was chosen to evoke feelings of optimism and joy. The primary colors are all complimentary in hue but similar in value to create a subtle feeling of balance and poise. Striking charcoal accent colors are used to ground the design and give it a readable, professional quality.

Website Design & Development

The final step of our process was Kaelynn’s website design and development. We selected stock photography that was aligned with the Brand Strategy and Design and wrote new copy based on the updated brand messaging and following SEO best practices. Our goal was to make it easy for Kaelynn’s ideal clients to visit the website and know exactly which product, service, or program was right for them. We developed the custom website on Kajabi and made edits to optimize the conversion rate of the website.


  • Establish brand authority with strong messaging and easy-to-follow copywriting and storytelling.
  • Share Kaelynn's heart for her work as well as her authority as a business coach for women ready to do business differently.
  • Encourage podcast downloads and email sign-ups for her coaching packages.

Client Feedback

"I am absolutely THRILLED with my new brand. I am 100% confident that this brand resonates with my ideal client. In fact, I signed 3 clients within one week of launching my new brand. I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful process and dedication to detail in creating the brand and website of my dreams!"

—Kaelynn Priest, CEO

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