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Melissa had been sharing her health journey online for several years before deciding to create a cancer healing course where she could organize her knowledge and provide more thorough resources to those suffering with a recent cancer diagnosis. Heal with Melissa had no existing brand and wanted Rebecca Peterson Studio to create a cohesive and recognizable identity that would reflect her passion for alternative healing methods and give her flexibility to offer different services and programs in the future.


In developing a comprehensive brand strategy for Heal with Melissa, we used our proprietary framework to capture the essential elements of her brand, including an in-depth ideal client profile, analysis of industry-adjacent competitors, a distinct brand persona, and precise messaging guide. With this well-defined strategy in hand, we proceeded to construct a complete brand design that reflected Melissa’s personality and the ethos of her practice. This involved designing a meaningful logo, selecting appropriate colors and fonts, and creating other visual elements that conveyed the essence of her brand cohesively and effectively. Both her website and course platform were built on Kajabi, ensuring user-friendliness and professionalism in every aspect of her online presence. The result is a robust and well-rounded brand identity that aptly represents Heal with Melissa to the women and men who are hungry for healing.

Brand Strategy + Brand Design

Our unique Brand Strategy for Heal with Melissa revolved around a clear understanding of her target audience of women aged 30-50, who had recently received a serious health diagnosis, (such as cancer). We recognized the importance of addressing the emotional turmoil and uncertainty that her ideal clients were facing, while concurrently conveying a sense of optimism and confidence in their ability to heal and find joy in life. It was imperative that the brand's messaging and tone did not come across as clinical or corporate, with Melissa serving as the face and voice of the brand. This strategy positioned Heal with Melissa as a compassionate healing practitioner who intimately comprehended the distinctive journey these individuals were embarking upon, building a stronger connection with her ideal client. Once the brand strategy was complete, we translated the vision, mission, and values into a modern, nature-inspired visual identity (logo, color palette, font styles, etc). 


My prayer for you is that you receive a full healing. A healing of heart, mind, spirit, and body.


You have the ability to heal yourself. Your body is designed to self heal. It just needs the right environment. Learn what you can do to take your health back into your own hands. I will teach you the tools, techniques, and laws of mother nature to help you create the environment that will support your healing. It can be done, and you can do it!


Heal with Me

Design Note

In creating Melissa’s brand, we researched the etymology of her name and discovered “Melissa” is Greek for “Honeybee.” The honeybee was a perfect symbol for health and physical healing because honey has unique anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties and contains all the necessary nutrients to sustain life. Rather than use an illustrative design, we opted for a 1800’s-style botanical icon that would mirror the style of the Caduceus/Staff of Hermes, an image for traditional doctors and healing. Warm mauve, rosy red, sage green, and a sweet honey yellow were paired together in Melissa’s color palette to evoke feelings of safety, healing, and connecting to nature. The typography in her logo was a humanist-inspired sans serif with “Heal” and “Melissa” in all caps and “With” in italics to suggest professionalism and passion for her work as well as to emphasize the idea that clients would be healing with Melissa rather than receiving healing.

Brand Application

In the process of expanding Heal with Melissa’s brand to various applications, our central objective was to maintain a consistent identity. We organized, designed, and developed the layout for her flagship course, the "Cancer Healing Guide," and subsequently, "The Thrive Hive Community Membership," ensuring alignment with the brand's ethos and aesthetics. Each student's onboarding experience was enriched with a stunning custom workbook provided upon registration. Additionally, we undertook the responsibility of designing the branding, sales page, and checkout experience for both the course and the membership program, creating a cohesive and user-friendly online environment that seamlessly extended the brand's reach and engagement.

Website Design & Development

The final step of our work was Melissa’s website design and development. We worked together to create a comprehensive site map with primary and secondary objectives for the site with copy that would lead website visitors to the desired call to action. Once the organization and copy of the website was done, we designed the site to match with the light, intuitive design of her brand. Our goal was to simplify Melissa’s offerings and truly connect with her ideal client. We developed the custom website on Kajabi and made edits to optimize the mobile, tablet, and desktop versions of the design.


  • Create a safe space where Melissa's target audience could feel hope and pursue their healing journey.
  • Simplify the path forward by presenting the Cancer Healing Guide as a beautiful opportunity to discover their own healing power.
  • Establish a strong community based on clear and compassionate brand values. 

Client Feedback

"Rebecca truly has a gift for her work. She is careful, conscientious, and dedicated to her client’s success. She took the time to explain every decision and help me feel confident making big decisions for my business. I loved every single part of our work together and can’t recommend her more!" 

—Melissa Taylor, CEO of Heal with Melissa

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