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After several years of growing audience of first and second-time moms online, Alice of Cozy Baby Sleep was ready to monetize her work through a baby sleep course and other sleep-related products/services. She engaged Rebecca Peterson Studio to establish a new brand and website that would differentiate her from other sleep consultants and build stronger connections with sleep-deprived moms as well as potential brand collaborations.


We developed a complete brand strategy and a comprehensive plan for using the brand in marketing materials including an ideal client profile, competitive analysis, brand personality, and messaging guide. The brand strategy was translated into a complete brand design (logo design, colors, typography, patterns, and icons) and a complete website was built on Kajabi, with on-page SEO and copywriting provided by team conversion copywriter.



Brand Strategy + Brand Design

Rebecca Peterson Studio worked with Alice to identify and understand her ideal clients. We determined her ideal clients were women with a baby age 0-4 months, struggling with the total lack of sleep and overwhelming demands of a newborn. We wanted to position Cozy Baby Sleep as a balanced, guilt-free resource for helping these moms get the sleep they so desperately need for themselves and their little one. Our goal was to help her target audience feel hopeful, and motivated but most of all, we wanted to create a brand that felt like they feel like they have a friend in their parenting journey.

By establishing empathy and authority, we created a specific client journey that would take someone from a casual Instagram follower to an engaged student, complete with a strong brand persona and clear brand messaging. Once the brand strategy was complete, we translated the vision, mission, and values into a strong visual identity (logo, color palette, font styles, etc). 


Everyone deserves a good night's rest!


Cozy Baby Sleep empowers moms and dads to overcome sleep challenges by following the sleep teaching method that's best for them AND their baby. As a sleep consultant and mom of two, Alice Bloomfield provides safe, loving, and research-based sleep education for parents so they can experience better, longer stretches of sleep with their babies from the very beginning.


Safe. Loving. Research-based.


  • Encouraging: Your baby has the ability to sleep well and you have the ability to teach them how
  • Confidence & Authority: We have the tools and resources to help you—we know exactly what to do.
  • Joy & Determination: As a mom and a professional, I can tell you it gets better!

Design Note

In designing a brand for moms and babies, it was important to create something that felt sweet and safe but wasn't overly juvenile. We selected a feminine font with delicate round serifs paired with a modern san serif font to feel cozy and playful. The letters were manipulated to create more curves and to emphasize of feeling of safety and connection. The imperfect, 8 pointed "starshine" was designed to represent both sun and stars, suggesting that both day and night could be times of joy, wonder, and delight, even if you're up with a baby who won't sleep. The color palette was taken from standard primary colors and adjusted to show more depth and personality. Navy and peach were selected as the primary color as a nod to Alice's British heritage.

Brand Application

To expand the Cozy Baby Sleep brand, we designed several additional collateral items to match the stunning brand design including a set of custom social media templates and the design of her baby sleep guides covering everything from those dreaded early morning wakings to changing your baby's nap schedule. We also designed the organization and layout of Alice’s signature Newborn Sleep Course and Baby Sleep Course.

Website Design & Development

The final step of our process was the Cozy Baby Sleep website design and development. We wrote new copy based on the updated brand messaging and following SEO best practices to systemize the sleep help resources available and increase engagement between Alice and her target audience. Our primary goal was to increase conversions for the Baby Sleep Course with a secondary goal of encouraging sign ups for the free Night Wakings Guide. The website was moved from Squarespace to Kajabi to simplify the sales funnel and checkout process for customers.


  • Establish brand authority with messaging that communicated gentleness, empathy, and friendship.
  • Organize Cozy Baby Sleep's offerings for parents based on age of their baby and their current sleep needs.
  • Create stronger connections between Alice and her audience based on clear brand values. 

Client Feedback

"My partnership with Rebecca has been everything I hoped for AND MORE. She took my boring, beige brand and gave me something that's interesting, beautiful, and too legit to quit! I can't even tell you how many people have told me how perfect the brand is for my business. It's given me so much confidence in what I'm saying and how I'm saying it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

—Alice Bloomfield, Mum and Founder of Cozy Baby Sleep

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