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Thrive Family Wellness | Client Spotlight

brand strategy client spotlight Jul 17, 2021

Who is Thrive Family Wellness?

I’m just as surprised as you are that I’ve been designing so many health and wellness brands lately! 😱 Everyone knows I’m not someone you should ever look to for health advice, what with my addiction commitment to Dr. Pepper and all. BUT I believe so wholeheartedly in the power of 1x1 services, and that has led me to connecting with extraordinary people like Natalie Postl of Thrive Family Wellness.

Thrive Family Wellness provides health and wellness services to individuals with chronic (or even those frustrating, un-diagnosed) health challenges. This includes specialized services like DNA hair scans, trauma-informed yoga classes, and OCATT therapy, as well as more general diet and nutrition consultations and emotional healing sessions.

Basically, Thrive Family Wellness is where you go when you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Natalie herself is currently living with stage 4 endometrial cancer and has an incredible, beautiful perspective on the connection between our bodies and our spirits. She approaches health and wellness from an emotional/spiritual-first perspective.

How It Started

Natalie reached out to me because she wanted to revise her brand design and step into the next level of business growth. She worked with a designer several years ago and didn’t feel like the Thrive Family Wellness brand really reflected the passion and education that she offered her clients.

We started by outlining Natalie’s goals:

  • She wanted to stop doing everything herself and really step into the role of CEO of her company.
  • She wanted to capture her long-term vision for her business, so that she could grow her company, hire employees, and expand into new services WITHOUT losing the beautiful energy and essence she had created.
  • She wanted everything to be beautiful and inspiring. (This was a big one!)

Once we knew what we were trying to accomplish, we created a plan to accomplish it. The first step was to develop a brand strategy. (If your business goals are the “What,” your brand strategy is the “How.”) In our Brand Strategy Session, we talked about what she was currently selling, who she was selling it to, and how she was talking about it. I really think we make business so much harder than it needs to be, so I try to simplify the strategy process down to these three things.

Brand Strategy

I won’t go into all the details of Natalie’s Brand Strategy, but the gist of it was this:


Thrive Family Wellness is about helping women (and men!) take back their power to improve their health and by focusing on their spiritual and emotional mindset first. Thrive Family Wellness believes that by teaching women and men about the divine nature of their physical bodies and innate ability to take care of themselves, they will understand that they have the capability and responsibility to improve their own health.

Differentiating Factor

After Natalie’s Brand Strategy Session, I identified the THING that makes Thrive Family Wellness unique.

A lot of health and wellness brands talk about a “holistic” approach to health, which implies a focus on not just physical health but mental and emotional health as well. The thinking is that all three are equal. However, Thrive Family Wellness uses a “layered” approach to health, focusing on your spiritual and emotional mindset FIRST. Natalie teaches that all healing begins in our minds and hearts before we experience it physically.

Brand Design

When creating Natalie’s brand, I wanted to capture this powerful unity of the physical and the spiritual.


Many clients of Thrive Family Wellness don’t realize that their health challenges are an opportunity to love and appreciate their physical bodies and recognize their own spiritual purpose.

If more people could find beauty in the midst of their health challenges, they would enjoy not only better physical health, but total peace and vibrant energy as well. At the core of the brand is Natalie’s personal experience with an untreatable cancer. She often says, “I’m peacefully living with cancer,” meaning that she is joyfully coexisting with something ugly. She’s taken back her power from cancer.


The idea for Thrive Family Wellness was to use a visual symbol that’s not typically associated with health and beauty. The dandelion was the perfect choice because it’s usually seen as nothing more than a weed to get rid of. However,  it’s also a beautiful symbol of hope and faith.


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