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Sara Brewer | Client Spotlight

branding client spotlight Mar 15, 2021

One of my favorite parts of being a brand strategist for creative entrepreneurs is the opportunity I have to interact with the most inspiring of people on a daily basis. Sara Brewer is no exception.

About Sara Brewer

Sara is a life coach specializing in serving young adults struggling with a pornography addiction by helping them complete difficult changes in their lives to overcome their addiction. Her goal was to take her thriving one-on-one business and scale it into something more that could help a broader range of people through an online course.

One of the great things about entrepreneurship is that you can see a lot of success from your efforts even as you’re growing, but Sara could tell there were more opportunities to share her message. Her main struggles were:

  1. Not knowing how to scale to reach more people
  2. Not knowing how to position herself as an expert in the coaching industry
  3. She wanted to differentiate her program from other programs and resources

Brand Strategy

We began this brand strategy project by focusing on Sara’s specialties. She has a refined focus on mindfulness and emotional regulation when she coaches her clients. She also works with both women and men alike, so the brand shouldn’t feel too much aligned with one gender over the other. Lastly, it’s important to Sara that her clients not feel bad or feel that her coaching style is aggressive. She is a kindhearted, caring coaching which makes her perfectly suited to help people working through such a sensitive addiction.

After taking stock of where we were starting, we developed a few core values that shape Sara’s brand and help communicate her message.

The primary goal: to inspire confidence in mens’ ability to change their own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The secondary goal: to take a neutral position on personal pornography consumption.

In addition, the brand should encourage spiritual growth and learning and empower individuals to make changes to their lives through emotional regulation, one of her focuses. Sara offers clients a mindful approach to kicking bad habits overcoming undesirable pornography consumption.

All of these values and goals are summed up in her mission statement: I inspire confidence in young adult Christians by helping them eliminate the desire to view pornogrpahy. I support men and women in changing their pornography consumption by teaching them how to process difficult emotions and ultimately re-wire their brain so they can quit pornography and never go back.

Brand Design

As we began the design of Sara’s brand, we knew we didn’t want anything too masculine or too feminine. We wanted some gender neutral elements that would appeal to a wide range of clients, so we focused on the direction and hope that her services provide.

The icons we used were a compass and a paper airplane, and then I created custom typography to juxtapose strength with calm. The color palette for Sara’s brand was filled with colors drawn from nature to further embody the power that comes from peace and mindfulness.

We used a lot of custom elements like custom drawn icons, custom patterns, and of course the custom typography to make this brand completely unique to Sara and well-suited to her specific audience.

After outlining her brand strategy and coming up with the design, I was able to create some custom collateral templates for social media that she would be able to update again and again on her end. Then I worked on her website design and development, ending the project with setting up her new course in Kajabi.

I’m so excited to see where this new brand strategy takes Sara on her entrepreneurial journey! It was an honor to work with her on this project and I’m so grateful for the chance I have to regularly interact with such amazing clients.



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