Ep. 57 | How to Announce Your New Brand Strategically

podcast Jun 11, 2024
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Ep. 57 | How to Announce Your New Brand Strategically

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 Branding or rebranding your business is an exhilarating milestone. You've defined your vision, pinpointed your ideal clients, and crafted a cohesive aesthetic that perfectly embodies your brand's ethos. With your brand strategy, messaging, logo, colors, fonts, and photos in place, the question remains: What's next?

In the latest episode of Aesthetically Speaking, I delve into the nuances of unveiling a new brand, sharing insights from my experience as a brand strategist, creative director, and designer. If you missed the episode, don’t worry—you can still press play above, or we've recapped the key takeaways for you below. 

Understanding the Power of a Rebrand

As I emphasize, your brand is more than just a collection of visual elements; it's the core of your business identity. When executed properly, a rebrand can bring clarity, connection, and conversions to your business. But how do you make sure your audience receives it well? 

Step-by-Step Guide to Announcing Your New Brand

I lay out a comprehensive plan for announcing your rebrand, whether you choose to roll it out all at once or gradually. Here are the essential steps:

  • Consider the Scale and Timeline:

- For small businesses that can rebrand within 6 months, launching everything at once is feasible.

- For larger enterprises, a gradual rollout might be more practical. Inform your audience about the rebrand ahead of time to maintain their engagement.

  • Timing is Everything:

- Avoid announcing during holidays or busy periods. Instead, choose a time when you can fully capture your audience's attention.

  • Clear Communication:

- If you're changing your business name, prepare your audience well in advance. Consistently remind them about the upcoming change to minimize confusion.

- For existing names, a simpler announcement may suffice, but context is still critical. Share your brand’s new look, vision, and values. 

Crafting Your Announcement Strategy

Implement a five-day rollout plan to maximize engagement:

*Day 1: Tease the New Brand*

   - Inform your audience that something exciting is on the way.

*Day 2: Tell the Backstory*

   - Share the journey of your brand, including the initial stages and inspiration behind the new look.

*Day 3: Visual Reveal*

   - Unveil the new brand visuals and discuss the meaning behind each design element.

*Day 4: Audience Focus*

   - Highlight how the rebrand will serve your ideal clients better. Engage with your audience using polls or Q&A sessions.

*Day 5: Show the Value*

   - Explain how the new brand enhances their experience with your business. Offer a new freebie or introduce a new product that aligns with the rebrand. 

Making it Personal and Valuable

I want to remind you that rebranding isn't just about aesthetics; it's about building a personal connection with your audience. Show the evolution of your business, share personal stories, and convey the deeper meaning behind your new brand.

Ensure your announcement highlights why your audience should care. Whether it’s through discounts, new offers, or valuable content, make the rebrand beneficial for them. 

The Takeaway

Announcing a rebrand is a significant event—treat it as such. Don't shy away from demanding the attention your new brand deserves. Educate and inspire your audience, and they will likely appreciate and support the transformation. 

Ready to Rebrand?

If you’re considering a rebrand and need expert guidance, I am here to help! With my expertise in both strategy and aesthetics, I can create a brand that resonates with your ideal clients and stands the test of time.

Reach out to me if you're ready to take your business to the next level. 

Let’s make your brand the next iconic transformation story!


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Welcome to Aesthetically Speaking: The podcast for all things branding, design, and aesthetics for women in business.

On this show we’ll discuss the strategies that make brands of all sizes massively successful. I’m Rebecca, a brand strategist and designer and my sister, Abby is a lawyer with no design experience, here as my co-host! 

Have you ever wondered how to create a brand so cohesive people can recognize it a mile away, no matter where they see it? Do you ever struggle to capture the attention of your ideal client and KEEP it with a compelling brand and message? Are you ready to stand out as a unique and valuable service provider regardless of how “saturated” the market is? Aesthetically Speaking is for you!

We believe that your brand is the most valuable asset in your business and should be your greatest investment. As moms and entrepreneurs, we know how to use branding to put your business in front of the RIGHT people, get them EXCITED about your offer, and help your brand BLOW UP online, so you can make more impact *and* more money.

Every TUESDAY, we’ll discuss a unique branding challenge and analyze different aspects of creating a unique and high-value brand for YOUR business.

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