Brooklyn Jolley | Client Spotlight

branding client spotlight web design Mar 15, 2021

Strategy is the most important part of any business development. Without a plan, you don’t have a concrete direction or path to follow. You can avoid wasting resources by strategizing at the onset of your brand + website development, which is exactly how Brooklyn and I began this creative project.

 About Brooklyn Jolley

Brooklyn Jolley is a life + business coach who helps women earn their first five figures and grow their business with ease. She takes them from their small “I don’t really know what I’m doing” hustle and turns them into a butt-kicking business owner who makes a lot of money and has fun while doing it.

Brand Strategy + Design

We worked together to create a fun, approachable brand and website on Kajabi for Brooklyn. We wanted a high-end look that was also high-converting. I’m all about efficiency and productivity, and who would want to spend all the time and energy we did with establishing a creative direction for her brand, only to have it sit pretty without converting and proving its value? And prove its value it DID. Within 60 days of launching her new brand and website, Brooklyn went from $6k/month to a consistent $10k/month income. 

Website Design + Development

Kajabi was the natural choice for Brooklyn’s website as it seamlessly integrates features like courses, products, and landing pages. This all-in-one platform makes it easy for her to manage email marketing, sales pages and funnels, and her website in one place. The only downside is the limited opportunities for customization, but with the clean style of her brand and easily incorporated brand elements, I was able to get creative to make sure her website matched her branding and was a cohesive transition.

The end result is a powerful brand + website combination and an automated sales process that has allowed Brooklyn to double her business in just a matter of months.

In my opinion, strategy is the most important part of any creative project. To kick-off the brand and website design, Brooklyn participated in a 90-minute strategy session with me to determine her target audience, ideal client, and the competitive advantage she has in her business. I call this my Creative Direction service. We dug deep to understand the physical and emotional problems facing her ideal clients and how her products and services can solve these problems.

From this strategy session, I created a comprehensive brand strategy that included messaging, pricing and positioning guidelines, and a visual mood board. This allows the remainder of the design process to flow smoothly and to help my clients easily see the positive impact of a cohesive brand that extends beyond just the logo or icon. 

After the strategy was finalized, I designed a unique brand identity for Brooklyn using visual elements that would convey the values of her brand: abundance, authority, and fun. Her cursive logo was a customized typeface, selected to increase readability and communicate the personal touch of her services. Colors were adapted from the primary colors — a nod to business basics with a fun spin. Lastly, I created a custom website to capture potential customers and drive sales through her courses and coaching packages.

This custom brand design and the resulting website both perfectly embody the fun-loving, impactful presence that is Brooklyn. She was a joy to work with and I’ve loved having this project to showcase my skills as a brand strategist and designer. Check out her completed site at and be sure to follow Brooklyn on Instagram at @thebrooklynjolley for some amazing insight for your creative business!