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Creating a Business That's Spiritual AND Strategic

Aug 10, 2021

Something curious about running a business is that it’s a blend of two opposite things. When I first started my business, I was focused on numbers, the psychology behind customer thought patterns, and just the general science of marketing.

But the more time I’ve spent serving other creative entrepreneurs, I’ve recognized the role that spirituality plays in creating a successful business. There is actually quite a bit of tension between spirituality and strategy. Branding is all about exploring the tension.

What do your customers need? What value can YOU share with them?

For those who are caught trying to weed through the woo-woo side of things and balance that with the strategic, here are a few suggestions from me (spoiler: they might be pretty different from statements you’ve heard from others):

Focus on the quick win.

Don't worry so much about following your intuition or developing a strategy if you're just starting out. Rather than making big, future plans, set a business goal that you know you can achieve immediately, like launching a new service or product or completing a project that you’re really excited about.

Starting with a quick win like this helps you get into the “success” mindset right off the bat, which will help guide you in future decisions. Being in a general attitude of contentment and fulfillment towards your business is a much more positive headspace to be in than staying focused on the hustle and all that lies ahead of you.


Set GOALS based on intuition, take ACTION based on strategy.

Once you’ve started with a quick win and begin making longer-term goals, follow your intuition to set those goals. It doesn't make any sense to row your boat toward somewhere you don't want to go. Rather, think deeply about what you desire for your business. Use your intuition to guide your goal planning, but then use real strategy to execute those desires by developing a solid plan.


Treat strategy and spirituality as equals.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned since starting my business is not to rely on one of these over the other. They work best when used hand-in-hand. One is not better than the other.

Every aspect of your business should contain both spirituality as well as strategy. Think of them as checks and balances. If you start with strategy, check it with your intuition. If you start with your intuition, check it with your strategy.


Practice, Practice, Practice!

If it seems overwhelming to completely overhaul your previous understanding of business and how to frame your mindset, consider trying the following exercise:

First, make a list of all the things you need to do for your business in the next 24 hours. Then, before you take action, hit the pause button and reflect on your list. Determine what to do next or first using solely your intuition. What does your gut tell you the next step should be?

Fun fact: this also works the other way around! Sometimes, you might find greater clarity by making a list of the goals your intuition is reaching for and then using strategy to choose the first one to focus on.

It’s not an easy mind shift, and it’s not going to become easier overnight. The best way to implement this new balance of spirituality and strategy is to practice over and over again. Tweak as you go. If there's one thing I know, it's that you're only spiritually guided when you start moving. Make a plan, get to work, and adjust as needed.


Success comes when your strategy and your spirituality are in alignment. You need both inspiration and information to succeed. Understanding how spirituality and strategy work together will help you use them to build a business that works for you and feels good, too. Have you had experience or success with balancing these two? I’d love to hear!


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