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Amber knew she was ready to brand her coaching business when she made a powerful decision to pursue building a seven-figure business. She was ready to become known as a high-level business coach and wanted to create an intentional strategy for positioning herself online through compelling messaging and a recognizable aesthetic. Amber collaborated with Rebecca Peterson Studio to create a complete brand and website that would attract her ideal clients and allow for future brand expansion.


We began Amber's project with a brand strategy session to understand her approach to business and the company's overall structure and goals. After thorough analysis, we decided to brand the business under her name so potential clients could build a stronger relationship with her, use her unique frameworks as messaging, and strengthen the visibility of her business online. As part of the rebranding, we developed an ideal client profile, brand personality, core values and business statements, and messaging guide. The brand strategy was used to create an ethereal brand design (logo design and variations, colors, typography, patterns, and icons) and a complete website was designed and built on Kajabi.

Brand Strategy + Brand Design

Rebecca Peterson Studio identified Amber Smith’s ideal client as two groups of women (both ages 25-45 years old) who identify as entrepreneurs, especially coaches and client-based businesses. One group was well-established business owners making $150k/year with a clear niche and signature offer. The second group was specifically coaches working toward $100k in annual income. Our goal was to create a brand that would speak to the elements of energetics and practical business practices for both groups. We wanted to position Amber as a high value, high principles coach. By working together to understand the unique personalities and desires of her ideal client, we created a strategy to guide Amber's messaging, content, and overall focus. Once the brand strategy was complete, we translated the vision, mission, and values into a modern, nature-inspired visual identity (logo, color palette, font styles, etc). 


To coach with consciousness. To lead the way in creating both a thriving life + business. To show entrepreneurs that the best path to getting what they want is by being who they want.


Amber Smith inspires, supports, and educates ambitious coaches + entrepreneurs in growing their business in a way that honors their values, goals, and desires. As a business coach, Amber Smith walks beside visionary entrepreneurs as they cultivate a vision for their life and business and make it a reality through practicing the inner work of imagination and alignment with private coaching, group programs, and online resources.


Prosperity in Integrity


  • Desire: Your desires are the roadmap for the reality you're called to create.
  • Power: Everyone has infinite personal power.
  • Consciousness: Your reality is determined by what you are doing and who you are being.
  • Integrity: You can enjoy a beautiful life WHILE you achieve epic success.
  • Compassion: Seek first to serve then to be served

Design Note

To create a widely recognized seven figure brand, it was important to design a logo that was iconic and inspirational. Amber's focus on spirituality in business was the inspiration for the series of symbols created using the same combination of four geometric shapes (this represented the earth, moon, sun, and stars). The "A" of Amber's primary logo was a reference to the Alpha and Omega signs of the greek alphabet as a symbol of power and integrity. The asymmetrical shape was intended to bring the viewer's eye from left to right to evoke feelings of growth and movement. Amber's color palette was inspired by pictures from the Webb telescope—dark blues, light greens, and a subtle lavender. The typography in her logo was based on the original font used in the early American printing press, which was readable and also spoke to the originality of Amber's work.

Brand Application

To create continuity among Amber's various products, programs, and services, we designed several additional deliverables to match the brand design, including a set of custom social media templates, podcast cover art and the design of Amber's monthly newsletter, "The Conscious Coach Letter."

Website Design & Development

After completing Amber's brand, we applied the creative direction to her website design and development. We selected stock photography that was aligned with the Brand Strategy and Design and wrote new copy based on the updated brand messaging and following SEO best practices. Our goal was to make it easy for Amber’s ideal clients to visit the website and know exactly which product, service, or program was right for them. We developed the custom website on Kajabi and made edits to optimize the conversion rate of the website.


  • Establish brand authority with strong messaging and easy-to-follow copywriting and storytelling.
  • Organize Amber's offerings for parents with special needs children based on interest, need, and investment.
  • Establish a strong community based on clear brand values. 

Client Feedback

"Rebecca is brilliant, thoughtful, meticulous, and genuine. I wanted her eyes, intention, and process to take my brand and website to the next level. Before hiring Rebecca Peterson Studio, I had a brand and website, but it didn’t necessarily reflect the vision I had for my business. Within one month of launching my new brand and website, I signed 2 new private coaching clients and welcomed a new client into my group coaching program! And I know more will keep coming! I'm so grateful to have a brand that reflects my vision and matches my heart for my business." 

—Amber Smith, CEO

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