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Free Download | The Essential Life Planner

I’ve been working so hard over the last few months to create something for YOU that would be beautiful, functional, and fun to use. What started as a one-page daily planner has evolved into a complete set of monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages to help you manage your to-do list, organize your life, and reach your goals. Best of all? It’s 100% FREE and it’s going to rock your world.

This planner is what I have used to manage my own schedule over the summer. I use it every single day and I really can’t live without it! All the details are below:

The Essential Life Planner Overview

♡ Printable PDF (8 Pages Total)

♡ Instant Download

♡ Printer Friendly + Binder Friendly

Featured Pages

♡ Monthly Planning

♡ Weekly Planning

♡ Daily Planning

♡ Monthly Budgeting

♡ Meal Planning

♡ Weekly Journaling

♡ Goals + Projects Planning

Life Planner Highlight.png

Clean + Simple Design

I love simple, modern designs, and I know you do, too! Each page has just the essential elements you need to plan successfully. I want the Life Planner to take away from the stress and overwhelm in your life, not add to it! The minimalist black and white design means that it won’t use up all the ink in your printer. And there’s plenty of white space with room for your own notes and ideas.

How To Use Your Personal Life Planner

The entire Personal Life Planner set is 8 pages long. I’ve included a cover page for those of you who may want to put your pages in a binder, but it’s not necessary.

Monthly Planning Thumbnail.png
Meal Planning Thumbnail.png

Where to Start

I recommend looking over the whole Life Planner on your computer or phone before you print. Get an idea of what pages are included and where you want to start. If it’s the middle of the week, just fill out a Weekly Planning Page and schedule time later in the week to fill out the rest. Don’t worry about doing too much right away, just start where you are!

Displaying Your Life Planner

I find that I’m more successful in my goals and projects when I’m reminded of them regularly. I HIGHLY suggest putting your Life Planner somewhere that you’ll see it every day. I like to display the Monthly Planning page and Goals + Projects page on the fridge so I look at them every time I get something to eat. The other pages I keep in a notebook by my bed, so when I wake up, I can start planning right away.

Let’s Do It!

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