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8 Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand

“Branding, to me, is the identity of a product or service. It’s the name, the logo, the design, or a combination of those that people use to identify, and differentiate, what they’re about to buy. A good brand should deliver a clear message, provide credibility, connect with customers emotionally, motivate the buyer, and create user loyalty.”
-Gini Dietrich

As a graphic designer, I care a lot about branding. I’ve been known to buy more (or less) expensive products at the grocery store because of the way the package is designed. I often look at billboards while driving and ask my husband, “Why do you think they used that font?” As I’ve focused on branding for companies and organizations, I’ve also focused on branding myself. I maintain a professional brand for my design work, Rebecca Peterson Studio. But I also have a personal brand. I want people to know who Rebecca Peterson is and what they can expect from me, both in-person and online.

Here are 8 crucial elements I’ve discovered for developing a strong personal brand.

1. Take High-Quality Headshots

Having a professional portrait will help you stand out online, especially on social media. I find it beneficial to use the same picture across all online profiles, so anyone who’s looking can see that all accounts belong to the same person.

2. Create Deliberate Desk Space

The way your office looks says a lot about you. Decorating your desk with baskets, pencil cups, and coffee table books that you love will help you stand out, even if you work at home.

3. Establish a Meaningful Mantra

Most companies have a tagline or a motto that summarizes what they do or what they believe. Try the same thing for yourself. It can be a bible verse, a favorite quote, or even just a saying that you relate to. My mantra is “A Well-Designed Life."

4. Use Consistent Colors

You may have a few favorite colors. Or you may have certain color schemes that you prefer more than others (warm/cool, saturated/unsaturated). These are your brand colors. Wear them, decorate with them, and find other creative ways to bring these colors into your life.

5. Make a Working Wardrobe

For anyone who sees you regularly, what you wear is one of the biggest parts of your personal brand. You don’t have to put on heels if that’s not your style, but taking some time to evaluate what you wear and why will help you dress for each day with confidence.

6. Develop a Signature Style

Your personal brand should have your personal touch. Evaluate your handwriting and your signature and make sure they represent the kind of person you want to be. Bonus points if you have a favorite pen or writing tool.

7. Find Mindful Mentors

If there’s someone who embodies the kind of personal brand you’d like to have, connect with them. Observe how they behave online and in-person and adopt those strategies yourself.

8. Start Seeking to Share

How will anybody know who you are if you don’t tell them? When you see something online or in real life that embodies your brand, share it with your friends and followers. They will appreciate the insight, and they may even start sharing similar things with you!

I love these pictures because they feel like "me!"
Creating a strong personal brand is all about one thing--you! As you embrace your unique talents, desires, and aesthetic preferences, you’ll be able to develop a distinctive, authentic brand. And trust me, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing other people recognize “you,” too.