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My Summer Routine 2017

The most effective way to do it is to do it.
— Amelia Earhart

Happy June! I know June is almost half-way over at this point but I’m just barely getting into my summer schedule and I wanted to share it! It’s fun to see how your life changes in different seasons and throughout different phases of life. 


7AM Wake up/shower

7:30AM Get dressed
I’ve been planning out my outfits for the week in my notebook. There’s a picture of my system below.  it’s not anything terribly fancy, but it has helped me to wear more of my clothes and look more put together! I can also get ready a lot faster when I already know what I’m wearing. Check out my OUTFITS Pinterest board to see what kind of outfits I like.

7:40AM Hair/makeup
I have my hair and makeup routine down pretty well. Since I cut my hair short, I’ve been wearing it down every day and I love how easy it is for me to straighten a few pieces and go! My makeup routine is pretty basic, I just brush on some foundation, blush, mascara and go. (That makes it sound like I don’t wear very much makeup which is totally false, but the actual routine is easy haha).

8AM Leave for work
I commute 30 minutes to work every day, so I try to listen to church talks or audiobooks. I tried listening to The Untethered Soul but I just couldn’t get into it! I’m looking for something new. Also, yes, I usually don’t eat breakfast, but there is a cafeteria at work, so if I’m starving I can get something there.

8:30AM - 5PM Work
I start the day by answering emails and making a to do list, then I have a quick stand-up meeting with my team, then the rest of my day is just meetings, designing things, and reviewing projects. If you want to know more about my job, you can read the FAQ page of this site.

5PM Drive home

5:30PM Unwind
When I get home from work, I like to decompress from the activities of the day, (because if I don’t, I just end up crashing on the couch anyway)! I usually look at social media, talk to my husband, get a snack, etc.

6:30PM Dinner/walk
My husband usually makes dinner (because he is a saint) and after we’re through eating, we’ll take a walk around the neighborhood. Since we live in an apartment, I love walking through areas where the houses have yards and porches and gardens. I take A LOT of pictures during these walks.

8PM Work time
I have SO MANY exciting projects I’m working on this summer--both personally and professionally. I’m trying to be better about giving myself time to work towards my goals, and setting aside time in the evening has really helped me make that happen. “Working” means sitting in front of my computer with a glass of cold mint tea, designing/writing/building whatever while watching TV. My husband is building his own software application right now, so it’s fun to sit next to each other and work on that kind of stuff. We usually take a break at some point and either make a treat, take another walk, or just talk.

11:30PM Get ready for bed
I wish I could say that I go to bed super early and I’m so healthy and organized, but the truth is that I get sucked into my projects and I don’t want to stop working! Around 11PM I’ll take a shower, read from the scriptures and change my clothes. By the time I do all of that, it’s pretty late.

12AM Go to bed :)


Monday: Grocery shopping

Tuesday: Personal care night (My husband always has church meetings, so I like to take a bubble bath and watch The Bachelor while I work on my computer.)

Friday: Date night! The recreation center in Provo is my FAVORITE place to go on a Friday night. There’s no lines for the machines, the track is open, and the pool is pretty much vacant. We (Husband + I) like to work out for a bit, head down to the pool, and finish in the hot tub. We usually go out to eat afterwards, too, because exercise makes me sooooooo hungry.

On the weekends, I like to sleep in and take my time getting ready. Saturday is usually for errands/projects, and Sunday is for movies, relaxing, and treats. I’m on the lookout for a new series of movies or TV shows to watch on Sundays, so if anybody has a suggestion, let me know! I also use Sunday as a time to plan everything for the next week, including my outfits, tasks, and goals. You can see an example of that in the picture above.

I think the “secret” of creating a successful routine is (a) lowering your expectations of what you can accomplish and (b) actually knowing what you want to accomplish! Once I realized that meditation wasn’t going to happen for me every morning, I could sleep in for 15 minutes longer without feeling guilty. AND it gave me more time to do the things that are really important to me, like doing my hair and reading from the scriptures. I read a quote once that said something like, “Routines aren’t RUTS, they are the habits of success.” And I agree!

Thanks for reading!