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Welcome to My Living Room!

One of my favorite things to do is look at home décor blogs and take a "tour" of their home. My home (apartment) is a lot smaller than any of the ones I've seen but I thought it would be fun anyway. Here we go!

Note: Because Cob and I live in BYU housing, we really have no control over the design of our apartment. The floors are laminate. The cabinets are fake plastic wood. The counters are black and chippy. There's nothing I can do about that. BUT, I have been able to distract myself from the hideousness of our cheap apartment with some really cute décor. My décor-style is white, soft, American farmhouse/cottage. I should probably add rustic to that list. I could write a whole blogpost about my décor style and what I like and don't like but nobody would read it so I'll just say that right now I’m really into simple, neutral, handmade décor with hints of green and lots of plants and layered things. I also have limited light/cameras/photography skills so sorry if these pictures aren't "blog quality."

This is the entrance to our apartment. The wreath is an original that I made from a grapevine wreath and some silk flowers. I had a really hard time finding something small enough to put on the ground, but this vase does the trick. I'll put different flowers there when the weather changes.

Cob refinished this table for me while we were engaged and it is one of my favorite things. <3

This is what you see when you open the front door. The layout of our apartment is a little weird. You can see the kitchen and most of the living room from the entrance. I don’t love having the kitchen table right there in everybody's face but it's the only thing that works. When we're not eating, I keep the table runner and wicker tray on the table, to help tone down the yellow table top. The chicken wire frame is another DIY project that I'm very proud of. It was super easy and relatively cheap to make and it's just so fun and farmhouse!

To the right of the table is the kitchen. Our counter space is limited but I made room for my jars (check out all the different things you can put in them HERE) and our knife set, since we use that all the time. I would like to keep this blue rug in the kitchen, but it gets so dirty so fast I'm not sure if it's worth it!

If you turn around in the kitchen, you can see the living room in all it's glory. The beautiful couch is a hand me down from my cousin, Tally, and I feel grateful every day that we don't have the old plaid one from my parent's basement.

The long green pillows on the couch are from Home Goods and the others are from Pier 1. I spent more money on pillows than I would have liked, but it's the only spot where I really highlight all the colors in the apartment, so it was really important that everything match perfectly. The one in the middle is my most favorite pillow ever and if anyone ever touches it when they come over I will probably cry.

On one side of the couch is a bookshelf and Cob's work area. It's not as decorative as I would like it to be, but there has to be SOME space in this apartment that we can actually use and this is it. Lol. Please notice the books arranged by color.

On the other side of the couch is a filing cabinet. I have a bunch of my favorite pictures and prints framed and displayed on top. One of my favorite things to do is rip pictures out of magazines for the frames at the back of the table. It's a lot easier than printing large pictures and it's a lot cheaper!

Sitting in front of the couch is our coffee table. The coffee table was a gift handmade by my brother, Andrew. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I love the light wood and the white top. I was surprised how well it matched everything else in our apartment.

On the opposite wall we have the desk where I keep my work supplies and computer. To the right is the bookshelf, which matches with the coffee table. // I'm getting kind of stressed just thinking about how many mismatched pieces of furniture we have. //

I had a really really really hard time styling the bookshelf until I stopped trying to put so many books on it. I know some people have a big problem with having a bookshelf with hardly any books, but I just was not happy with the way it looked until I took the books off. I actually styled the whole bookcase after THIS one, because I couldn't find another picture that I liked. It's a work in progress, seriously. (And yes, my husband thinks I'm crazy for spending 5+ hours making a bookshelf look cute.)

Down the hall we have the bathroom and bedroom which are not quite ready to be showcased. (I don't think the bathroom will ever be ready to showcase.) I'm working on redesigning the bedroom right now and then I'll take some pictures and take you on a tour there!

Kind of obsessed with this little cake stand. I just had to post a picture of it. 

I hope someone besides me enjoyed looking at my apartment! Thanks for visiting!