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Cinderella Through the Years

EDIT: This post has been extremely popular! Thank you to everyone who helped me work out the kinks! Cinderella is one of the most famous stories of all time and I'm so glad I was able to get it right! Please let me know if you see anything else out of order!

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I recently saw the new Cinderella movie directed by Kenneth Branagh. I thought the whole film was so beautiful ESPECIALLY the costumes, so I decided to look at some of previous adaptations of Cinderella to see where they got their inspiration! It's amazing to see how certain elements of the costumes have remained the same while other parts have changed from movie to movie.

Cinderella, 1911
This is the first-ever film version of the story Cinderella. It's a silent film directed by George Nichols and it brings a lot of the comical personalities to Cinderella's stepmother and stepsister. It's hard to tell in these pictures, but the costumes in this movie are more traditional medieval in style, especially the fairy godmother's collar!

Cinderella, 1953
This adaptation of Cinderella is hard to critique because it's so iconic. The high contrast colors of the stepsisters dresses, the light blue ball gown, the high collared dress of the evil stepsister, all those elements came from this movie! It's hard to imagine it any other way. My only question is, what is that scarf doing around the fairy godmother's neck??? | BONUS: Walt Disney said that the transformation of Cinderella's dress was his all-time favorite piece of animation. |

The Glass Slipper, 1955
"The Glass Slipper (1955) is a musical film adaptation of Cinderella, made by MGM, directed by Charles Walters and produced by Edwin H. Knopf from a screenplay by Helen Deutsch. The film stars Leslie Caron as Cinderella, and Michael Wilding as the Prince." (Wikipedia) This movie was a dance film/musical adaptation of the disney version. I think Cinderella's hair works really really well in a pixie cut, but the dress is way too stiff. I love seeing the stepmother in hats and collars. I think the height and the weight give her a sense of authority and power. 

Cinderella, 1957
This version of Cinderella was originally broadcast live on CBS on March 31, 1957 as a vehicle for Julie Andrews, who played the title role. The broadcast was viewed by more than 100 million people. It was subsequently remade for television twice, in 1965 and 1997. The 1965 version starred Lesley Ann Warren, and the 1997 one starred Brandy Norwood in the title role. Both remakes add songs from other Richard Rodgers musicals. (Wikipedia) Julie Andrews stars as Cinderella in this made-for-television movie using the music from Rogers' and Hammerstein's musical. I love the older step-sisters. Cinderella's ballgown is interesting, I think it looks elegant and youthful, but it doesn't look magical enough to me.

Cinderella, 1965
This is another remake of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical. Starring the lovely Lesley Ann Warren, this mysteriously magical musical was one I hadn't heard of. Check out the fairy Godmother! And Cinderella looks the part, although I wonder if she could've had a little looser dress and hair.

The Slipper and the Rose, 1976
This is a musical film retelling the classic fairy tale of Cinderella. This film was chosen as the Royal Command Performance motion picture selection for 1976. Directed by Bryan Forbes, the film stars Gemma Craven as the heroine, Richard Chamberlain as the Prince, and a supporting cast led by Michael HordernKenneth MoreEdith Evans and Annette Crosbie. (Wikipedia) I wish I had better pictures of this one but they are hard to come by! I love the french style of Cinderella's dress and the knickers on Prince Charming.


Cinderella, 1997
I remember when this movie came out! Brandy starred as Cinderella and Whitney Houston was the fairy godmother. There wasn't anything too memorable about the costumes, although I think it's interesting that Cinderella's ballgown was two separate pieces. It was definitely influenced by the animated version.

Ever After, 1998
This is my favorite adaptation of Cinderella. I love the romance between Danielle and the prince, and I think Angelica Houston plays the wicked stepmother perfectly. Notice her headpiece? It reminds me of some of the costumes in the 1911 version. The stepsisters' dresses were subtle but I like it that way.

A Cinderella Story, 2004
This movie was the beginning of several "modern fairytale spinoffs." I thought the costumes were interesting because Cinderella pre-transformation was never very feminine. The ballgown was nice, but I think it lost some of it's magic without sleeves or gloves. (Hillary Duff was way too old to play this character in the first place, but that's beside the point.)

Ella Enchanted, 2007
This is my favorite book adaptation of Cinderella. The movie was quite poorly done, in my opinion, but the costumes were a step in the right direction. Look at the stepmother's eyebrows compared to Angelica Huston! Cinderella's ballgown was a COMPLETE letdown. I wish it had dragged on the floor or had looser sleeves or something! It looks like a cheap prom dress.

Cinderella, 2015
I think this adaptation of Cinderella was close to perfect. As far as costume design goes, I LOVE seeing the "bad" people in that hot chartruse color, and I LOVE seeing the "good" people in soft, light, bright white and blue. Green for the stepmother was a great idea. Cate Blanchett walks the line between beauty and cruelty so well, I almost wanted to like her. Cinderella's ballgown is another story. I love how it looks infinite. (It almost was! There was a mile of hemming under there!) It moves like it's made of pieces of the sky and I think captures the magic of the story perfectly. It will be a difficult movie to top!

Was there anything I missed? Cinderella is a more popular story than I thought! Thanks for reading!

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