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Easy Decorating: Cheap Apartment Decor

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not an interior decorator. I love decorating and rearranging my apartment frequently because it gives me a new perspective on life and renews my love for my home. When it comes to finding the right decor, my main goal is just to make the room HAPPY and COMFORTABLE. I don't really have the money to make my house look like a Restoration Hardware (nor would I want to, it's not my style) but I have the time/creativity/determination to do other fun things. Check out some of my favorite decorations below!

1. Jars. I have three glass apothecary jars that I fill with different things for each season. In the fall, I filled them with chesnuts, acorns, and pinecones (all free things I collected in my backyard), for Halloween I filled them with candy corn and a skull I bought at the DI, then for Christmas I filled them with ornaments and chocolate kisses and the smallest one I filled with sugar and then put a little house and piece of pine tree to make a little winter wonderland. For spring I'm thinking I'll fill them with plastic Easter eggs and ribbons and Cadbury chocolate eggs. Jars are THE EASIEST way to fill your house with color and it's fun to think of different things to put in them. //P.S. The only reason I can get away with filling them with candy is because Cob doesn't like sugar very much so they last a long time.//

2. Garlands. I don't have a fireplace in my apartment, so I just hang garlands over the big window in our living room. Right now there's a garland I made by cutting out felt hearts and threading bakers twine through them, but normally I just get a bunch of colorful ribbons, gather them together, and tie bows at either end.

3. Books. You can buy lots of pretty vintage-looking books at the DI for $1 or less, and public libraries have book sales all the time. I have found some really great ones! Some of my favorites include: A collection of classic poetry, "The Readers' Digest Keys to Happiness," and a funny old memoir called "The Nuns' Story." You can put display books by themselves or style them with plants and picture frames.

4. Pillows and blankets. This is a slightly more expensive option because I've always been afraid to buy pillows at thrift stores. But it seems like moms and grandmothers are always getting rid of their pillows and I've collected quite a few from them, as well as some cute ones I got at TJ Maxx. It's just another easy (and COMFORTABLE) way to bring more color and life into your home.

5. Sticks. Sticks are FREE and they look good anywhere! Find some tall ones and put them in the corner. Get some short ones and put them on the table. During Thanksgiving, I cut out leaves out of construction paper and wrote down things I'm grateful for and put them on the sticks as a little grateful tree. Be creative.

6. Music. I know you can't see music, but it makes a huge difference in the mood of your home and it's definitely free. It's also a quick fix when you have unexpected company.

Decoration ideas for a small home or apartment. Really practical and cute suggestions!

Decoration ideas for a small home or apartment. Really practical and cute suggestions!

7. Frames and pictures. You can find frames of all sizes at thrift stores and fill them with whatever pictures or quotes you like. Pinterest is stuffed with free printables and vintage posters if you just search for them. I do have to warn you that with thrift-store frames, you will have a more messy, eclectic style. I mean if you're crafty you can spray paint everything and make it consistent but personally, I think it's kind of fun to have lots of different styles.

8. Knick-knacks. I really believe you can get away with cheap decorations as long as they are meaningful to YOU. We have this hideous mummified frog that I bought for Cob in Mexico that I LOVE because of all the happy memories and conversations it has been a part of. We also have several pictures of the Charles bridge in Prague because that's where Cob served his mission. My apartment does not look expensive but it looks like me and it makes me happy to be there and that's all that counts!

I found this article on buzzfeed about decorating your cubicle but I think a lot of the advice could be applied to apartment decorations too!