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12 Easy Ways to Market Your Business (For FREE!)

1. Send your clients a weekly newsletter. Too busy to do it weekly? Try monthly. Current AND PAST clients. EMAIL IS FREE, USE IT.

2. Send a physical, in-the-mail holiday card to all of your clients. Missed the holiday season? Try a Valentine's Day card. Or an Easter card. Or an Earth Day card. Or anything. Put a picture of your business or product AND your contact information. Make a FREE offer of something if they call by a certain date.

3. Make a list of all your current clients who work in your same industry. Anyone who works with or for similar companies is GOLD for your business. Make a list now while you have the time.

4. Call/email your office and see how you're treated as a customer. Seeing where you get held up by the system could be very eye-opening for some businesses!

5. Post something on your Facebook page. Post about why you started your company. Post about your new products. Post about your favorite client. It doesn't really matter what you post, as long as it's interesting and relevant to you!

6. Put a video on your website. Explain how your business works, show some client testimonials, ANYTHING. Just show people what you're all about in a fun and interesting way.

//BONUS// Speaking of your you have one? If you don't have a website, GET ONE. Build one for free on,, or pay $100 and make one on It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to exist.

7. If you do have a site, sit down and spend an hour working on it. Read EVERY word on EVERY page. It is embarrassing how many sites have misspelled words and links to dead pages. Take the time to look at every single thing on your site and make a note of what needs to change.

8. This might seem silly, but is there a picture of YOU and YOUR TEAM on your website? There should be. Do you look happy? Remember, people don't buy products, they buy values. Show your clients who you are and make a personal connection before selling them anything.

9. Search yourself on Google. Search your company on Google. Read the reviews. Where do you rank when someone searches "your industry, your city"?

10. Update your LinkedIn page. Find interesting groups in your industry and join them. Read up on current issues, popular products, and exciting events coming up. Show potential clients that you are well-connected.

11. Set GOALS for new clients in 2015 and make a plan of how you will get them. Do you have a plan for growth? This may seem basic, but the experts say that half of all business owners have ZERO plans for expansion in 2015. Which half are you in?

12. Make a list of the things your company offers that are different from everybody else. Is it convenient hours? Outstanding customer service? Anything? Think critically about your business and what you can do to help it improve.


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