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How To: Not Starve at Work

Eating well at work is hard! I don't have time to prepare a full-on meal every day, but I can't afford to go out all the time either. And I can't just shove a sleeve of Ritz crackers in my bag and call it good. Here are some things I do that help me get through the workday without feeling hungry and without overloading on junk.

1. Bring entire boxes of food
You might not have space for this, but if you do, it can REALLY save your life on days when you're too rushed to grab something from home. Bring an entire box of fruit snacks, an entire box of granola bars, etc and keep it under your desk.

2. Eat vegetables and dip
As much as I hate to admit it, I have found that vegetables are the most satisfying food for you in the long run. However, they're really not very filling without some dressing. If you're anti-Ranch, try hummus or salsa. (Pita bread is great with hummus, too and you can get packages of 8 for pretty cheap!) Cutting up your own vegetables can also be time-consuming, so look for things like baby carrots, pre-cut broccoli, and sugar snap peas. Salad is always a great option for your lunch break, if you have one.

3. Drink water during the day
This has made a huge difference for me. Water helps curb your appetite so you don't feel as hungry throughout the day. It will also help you absorb the food you eat more than if you ate it when you were dehydrated.

4. Eat a VARIETY of foods
There's nothing worse than getting to work and realizing that everything you brought is basically the same flavor. Try getting something sweet (chocolate chips), salty (pretzels), and savory (veggies and dip). Balancing out the different tastes makes your mouth much happier.

5. Use food as a reward.
When you complete a difficult task or make progress on a big project, reward yourself with something to eat. It's an easy way to make sure you eat AND give yourself a mental break.

//BONUS// Use the resources available at your office. For some reason I  never brought real food to work and instead stuck myself with high-fructose-type foods. Most offices have refrigerators and microwaves in their break room, so USE THEM! Eating hot leftovers is always better than just snacking.

I hope this helps!