Rebecca Peterson Studio
Modern Organic Design



Design guru. Pinterest addict. Decorating enthusiast.
Lover of stripes, mint tea, and floral wreaths.

I believe in the power of design to evoke emotion, sell products, and ignite change.
This site features some of my favorite creative projects and celebrates my personal and professional growth.



+ I got married at 21. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and got married just a few years after graduating. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

+ I'm obsessed with personal development. I love setting goals, learning new things, and finding fun ways to stay motivated.

+ My favorite color is pink. Has been since I was a little girl! The exact color is Pantone 1915. 

+  I’m a recovering perfectionist. My desire for organization and beauty sometimes overcomes my ability to take care of myself, and that’s something I’m working on. 

+ I’ve been to India (twice!) on humanitarian trips. 
I volunteered with a group called Youth Making a Difference to teach English and professional skills to women and children living in poverty.

+ My personality type is ENFJ. This just means that I'm very optimistic, goal-oriented, and organized, and I love people.

+ I've played the harp for 17 years. I recently purchased a gorgeous concert-size harp.

+ I always have my nails painted. I believe in dressing the way you want to feel, so having my nails done helps me feel professional and put-together.