Things I Have Organized in 2017

Things I Have Organized in 2017

I’ve been on a major organization kick lately. I made a goal to improve my physical environment this year, and to me that meant cleaning and organizing literally everything. It’s been a huge project because (a) I’m already pretty organized and (b) because I have REALLY limited space and A LOT of stuff. So with that introduction, here’s a list of all the things I organized in 2017!

5 Strategies for Balancing Real Life and Digital Life

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my real life and my digital life. I know that too much electronic consumption can be damaging to your eyes and your brain and your relationships, but I don’t always know how to put away my phone without throwing it away forever. I believe that media is a tool that can be used to connect and teach and yes, entertain, but when media controls us more than we control it, there’s definitely a problem.

The Easiest Time-Management System EVER

When my life feels out-of-control and insanely crazy busy, this is the system I use to clear my head and really get stuff done. (I’ve actually been using it for the last few weeks, which is what inspired this post!) It’s not anything special, but I have found that it really works, and it doesn’t require any fancy planners or timers or apps. I made up this method myself, but it’s based partially on the Stephen R. Covey method